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Coral Reef Awareness comes to Mayakoba for Reef Week 2023

Coral Reef Awareness comes to Mayakoba for Reef Week 2023

Along with the five natural ecosystems that weave their way through the Mayakoba resort, the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere lies just off the resort’s coastline. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, also known as the Great Mayan Reef, is situated in the Caribbean Sea along a large portion of the Quintana Roo region in southeastern Mexico and stretches over 700 miles all the way south to Belize. The reef is home to magnificent underwater life including hundreds of fish species, marine turtles, sharks, and a dazzling array of different types of coral.

Like many of the world’s barrier reefs, the Great Mayan Reef is under increased pressure due to the effects of climate change, agricultural runoff, and eroding shorelines. With almost two million people who depend directly on this region’s marine resources for their livelihoods, the sustainability of a healthy reef ecosystem is an absolute must. Thankfully those who depend on the reef are working hard to teach visitors about the effects of climate change and bringing awareness to the importance of eco-friendly practices.

At Fairmont Mayakoba, respect for the region’s ecosystem has always been one of the resort’s primary responsibilities. For Reef Week 2023, scheduled for July 3-9, the resort has partnered with Oceanus an innovative organization that focuses on the conservation and restoration of marine ecosystems. This year, Oceanus and its partners are planning to plant more than 500 new coral colonies during Reef Week. Guests at Fairmont are encouraged to participate in this important initiative.

Throughout Reef Week, Fairmont guests are invited to attend daily educational programs hosted by Oceanus biologists to learn about the reef and the restoration program. Guests will see a sample nursery that explains what coral is, learn the importance of the reef ecosystem, how the reef restoration program works, and how both local citizens and resort guests can help protect the reef. There will also be games for all ages, with prizes for participation such as hats with the Reef Week logo. Activities will also include an opportunity to paint the coral reef bases that will be used to plant the new coral colonies. On July 6th & 7th guests will also have the unique opportunity to snorkel through the reef with the biologists while the new coral colonies are planted. Reef Week activities will culminate on Sunday, July 9th with a festive Eco-Fair at Ciudad Mayakoba.

For those seeking a tropical escape to a pristine and nature-friendly environment, consider a Reef Week visit to Fairmont Mayakoba. Here, you’ll be immersed in five unique ecosystems. Designed to preserve its lush mangrove forest, the environmentally conscious resort is thoughtfully built in and around the jungle, with accommodations set back from the sea. Clear fresh-water canals and placid lagoons crisscross the large property, which feels wonderfully wild. No matter what your outdoor pleasure is, it is certain to be found at Fairmont Mayakoba, where the warm Caribbean sun meets one of the world’s most unique and sustainable resort environments. For more information and to book your Fairmont Mayakoba getaway visit the website

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