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Fairmont Mayakoba Heroes

Fairmont Mayakoba Heroes

By Paola Airmeri, President of Fairmont Mayakoba RIISE program.

Fairmont Mayakoba Heroes initiative arises during the confinement of the COVID-19 pandemic that began in April, to keep ourselves informed of what was happening around our community and us, and later to know all the needs support our community during the crisis.

We want to help our heartists in need; a massive unemployment crisis occurred throughout the region, and thousands of families left without a single income. We saw the opportunity to seek and show that even if we were at home, we could help in many ways, especially to those most in need. The initial dynamic was that in the internal Facebook group that we have, colleagues could nominate those who knew they were doing something more for the community, helping, feeding the neediest, or volunteering for an association. It could represent support for the great crisis in which we were living.

It was surprising to receive the nominations and realize the incredible things our colleagues were doing for the community. Among those activities, we could find those who were volunteers and went to serve food to associations that distribute food daily. Also, some of them went on their bicycles and carry articles that others need for personal protection. Others supported associations for protecting animals on the street or merely helping their own families who also required help due to illness or lack of work.

Once we received all the nominations, we realized the impact that it creates. We decided to reward all the volunteers who were supporting them so they would continue to do it. With our Riise program, we give monetary prizes so people can continue helping their causes and buy supplies or necessary material to continue and grow.

It is wonderful to realize that the people surrounding us like to help, and they do not hesitate to do so!

Thanks to all who participated, and we realize that small actions generate significant results!

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