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Embellishment Process Q&A

When is the renovation?

 Renovation starts on Feb 20, 2021, and we anticipate completing the renovation on Sep 15, 2022

How much is the investment?

It will be a multimillion dollar invested

How long the renovation will take?

We estimate one year and seven months

Are the restaurants open during renovation?

Yes, the restaurants will be open and there will be phases of the project where a specific restaurant will be closed for renovation, however, there are alternative culinary options available. For more information, please refer to the renovation blog

Can I cancel my reservation due to renovation without penalty?

 Yes and we suggest to move your travel dates as we are embarking in a new experience and the newly renovated hotel will be the best place to enjoy and relax with your family

What is the new look of the rooms?

The new design is sophisticated, with a tropical feeling enhancing details, movement, and views of the resort.

Is the hotel going to be noisy?

At times, there will be noise, however the hotel has 98.8 acres that allow us to minimize the impact of the renovation on specific sections of the hotel.

If I am an owner, can I still access the hotel during renovation?

Yes, you can.

Is social distance implemented during renovation?

Yes, all safety protocols remain.

Will the beach still be open? What should clients honestly expect from a disruption standpoint?

Yes it will be opened, we will close our regular pathway because it leaves guests next to Brisas and we want them to be as far away as possible. Hence, we opened up a new pathway at the opposite corner. We are blessed to have one of the biggest beaches in the region, your guests will be able to enjoy the water activities, our new barefoot gym at the beach, cocktails, food with no limitation.

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