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¿When does the refurbishment take place?

The refurbishment began on February 20, 2021, and we anticipate completion in December 2022.

¿How much is the investment?

It will be a multi-million dollar investment.

¿How long will the renewal take?

We estimate it will take one year and ten months.

¿Will restaurants are open during the renovation?

Yes, restaurants will be open, and there will be phases of the project where a specific restaurant will be closed for renovation; however, alternative culinary options are available. For more information, check out the renovation blog for dates and strategies.

¿Can I cancel my reservation without penalty?

We suggest checking your cancellation policy. If the renovation impacts your stay, please email us at, and we will follow up with the appropriate manager to assist you.

¿What will the new rooms be like?

The new design is sophisticated, with a tropical feel that enhances the resort’s details, movement, and views.

¿Will, there be a lot of noise in the hotel?

Sometimes, there will be noise; however, the hotel is 98 acres which allows us to minimize the impact of the renovation on specific sections of the hotel.

If I am an owner, can I access the facilities?

No problem.

Is social distancing implemented during the Refurbishment?

Yes, all protocols are still in place.

Will the beach still be open? What should customers expect from a disruption standpoint?

Yes, the beach has been available and will continue to be. Sometimes there will be some noise on the left end of the beach; however, due to the size of our beach, it will not affect your stay.

Are Hix-Bar, Lounge, and Terrace open?

Yes, Hix restaurant has just been renovated and is located in its original location in front of the lobby with a panoramic view of the jungle.

Will the Hix menu undergo any changes?

Yes, the Hix menu has been improved and these new dishes are now available to enhance your experience.

Has El Puerto restaurant opened yet?

El Puerto restaurant has a new concept and is now a fine-cuts restaurant called Tauro that opened its doors in mid-October 2021.

Is Brisas available?

No, Brisas remains closed due to remodeling and we anticipate reopening in the summer of 2022.

Is there a restaurant on the beach?

Yes, we have a beach club “La Playita”, serving lunch and dinner. In addition, we have KI-Bar which serves snacks during the day, and Korean BBQ for dinner.

Are there more culinary options available?

Yes, there will be days when we have a Mexican and European market.

Are the pools open?

Yes, we have three new pools available on the beach, one pool at the main building and one more at the Spa.

What other restaurants will close for the renovation?

La Laguna Restaurant, Trattoria, and Café Maya will be closed from April 2022 to September 2022.

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