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The security and safety of our guests and colleagues are of the utmost importance to us.
Security officers are available 24 hours a day, for any emergencies, please call. ext. 500
Room keys are coded for your protection. Please don’t leave your key unprotected or give it to another person. When requesting additional keys, valid photo identification must be shown to the Front Desk. ext. 555
Fairmont colleagues are required to carry proper identification and name tags at all times. Please do not hesitate to ask any colleague to show their identification before granting access to your room. If you have any doubts about a colleague and his ID, please contact our Security Department. ext.555
Protect your valuables by using the in-room safety box located in your closet. For additional security, safety deposit boxes are available at the Front Desk. ext. 555
Upon arrival, we recommend that you verify that the connecting door is closed and that the supplemental locking device is secured. When retiring for the night, please check that your glass balcony doors are closed and secured. ext. 555
During an emergency or evacuation, it is often necessary to move quickly, listen to, and read instructions. Should you have any condition that prevents you from the above, please let us know immediately before your arrival, if possible, or at check-in.

Fairmont Mayakoba is equipped with fire detection, fire suppression, and emergency communication systems. When the alarm is active, the elevators will descend immediately to the lower level and will remain there until the warning is cleared. In the event of an emergency, the hotel will announce the status of the alarm on the public address system.

Guidelines for specific situations

Alarm notice
If you are in your room and hear an alarm, stay in your room, and listen for instructions via the public address system.If you discover a fire, close the doors against the fire. If possible, close the doors around the fire area to keep the fire from spreading. Immediately press “0” for the Royal Service department to report the fire, or activate the nearest pull station.
If you need to leave your room, always take your room key card. In the case of fire, never use the elevators.

Emergency Evacuation Route
A floor plan outlining the emergency evacuation route from your room is located behind the main entrance door to your room. Please take a moment to determine where is the near evacuation route to follow in case of an emergency.

Blocked Exit
Please read the instructions below, which outline what to do in case you cannot leave your room. If you cannot exit your room, your room is the safest place to be.

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