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Sustentabilidad en Fairmont Mayakoba

Ubicado dentro de un entorno natural extraordinario, Fairmont Mayakoba fue diseñado y construido con especial consideración para proteger los manglares que lo rodean. Estos bosques del litoral son considerados los “riñones de nuestro planeta” ya que son los encargados de limpiar el agua de nuestros arrecifes de coral, por lo que es esencial para la salud de nuestro medio ambiente que nos aseguremos de su protección.

Fairmont Mayakoba's Signature Casita exterior

Our Natural Location

La Riviera Maya se encuentra en México en la Península de Yucatán en el Estado de Quintana Roo, junto al Mar Caribe. Fairmont Mayakoba, parte de la comunidad de resorts de lujo Mayakoba, está situado en el corazón de la Riviera Maya y está aproximadamente a 42 millas o 68 km al sur de Cancún. Nos esforzamos por cuidar este increíble entorno natural.

Nuestras Iniciativas Sustentables

During its construction phase, Fairmont Mayakoba preserved most of the land’s natural jungles, flora and fauna. By implementing an ancient Mayan technique called “socoleo” (used to highlight the beauty of plants by pruning and replanting them) more than 1,500 trees were rescued and relocated all around the property. Today, those plants have grown and multiplied, and some are in the process of becoming mature trees. Special measures were taken to care for the animals found onsite. More than 40 species, including exotic birds and iguanas, were relocated for safety. Additionally, the hotel made sure to preserve green areas between the buildings and casitas, creating a natural habitat for many species.

  • Reducing pesticide use by opting for organic or natural pest control using other beneficial organisms to eliminate any pests that may damage the grounds. Additionally, pesticides are sprayed only when needed as a restorative measure, not on an ongoing basis.
  • Planting drought tolerant or indigenous species. Because of the resort’s close proximity to the mangroves, only indigenous plant species are planted.
  • Water quality management: Fairmont Mayakoba conducts regular testing of its irrigation water and of the wells which feed the irrigation lake. It also limits irrigation waters’ runoff into the canals throughout the property.
  • Wildlife habitat management: El Camaleon golf course includes many rocky areas which make great homes for native iguanas.
  • El Camaleon has been Audubon certified since 2006 and has been recertified every year.
  • At Fairmont Mayakoba we keep trees that have died but are still standing, as these make a great home for small animals and birds.

Fairmont Mayakoba has a Waste Management Program where every staff member is responsible for separating the recyclable, non-recyclable and organic disposed materials on-property. We kindly invite you to join us in our preservation efforts and rid the planet of unnecessary waste:

  • All of the hotel’s recycled materials are sold to local recycling facilities. All profits made from the hotel’s efforts are used to fund further local environmentalist initiatives.
  • The hotel provides a special bin in guestrooms, to be used exclusively for the disposal of recyclable materials. Guests are encouraged to place all of the aluminum, plastic, paper and/or cardboard materials in this bin.
  • The cleaning products used in the hotel are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • 80% of our advertising is digital rather than print.
  • The hotel has a specially designated composting area to process all organic gardening materials.
  • In an effort to minimize plastic waste, Fairmont Mayakoba has implemented a “straw upon request policy” replacing plastic straws with a biodegradable alternative.
  • In every room, the bathroom is equipped with a low water consumption toilet and sinks that include an air regulator that increases the water pressure in order to save water.
  • Guestroom bathrooms include low water consumption toilettes, saving at least three liters of water at a time, representing savings of 3000 liters daily*.
  • The air conditioning systems in the hotel’s rooms are programmed to turn off automatically when windows are opened.
  • The air conditioning and lighting systems are controlled through software that enables the hotel to turn them on and off in specific areas, based on the hotel’s schedules and needs.
  • Air conditioning throughout the hotel is regulated through an energy-efficient software system that allows hotel staff to program air conditioning usage as necessary, depending on specific areas and time schedules when it is needed the most.
  • The property’s air conditioning system allows hotel staff to regulate a room or suite’s temperature when it is unoccupied, thus saving energy by 5 percent.
  • The hotel’s walkways are cleared with air pressure cleaning equipment, rather than water pressure cleaning.
  • The hotel’s sheet and towel program offers our guests the option to reuse these, instead of washing them on a daily basis, thus saving at least 180 liters of water per day (65,000 liters per year)*.
  • The hotel uses a treatment plant to process greywaters, which are later used as a source of irrigation for the property’s golf course and gardens. Additionally, the property’s mangroves serve as a natural treatment plant.

*Please note: this information is based on a 90 percent occupancy rate.

  • In the beautiful gardens of Fairmont Mayakoba you can find a great diversity of regional plants, as the property uses naturally growing vegetation off the Yucatan Peninsula jungle rather than flora from other areas. This way, the hotel helps maintain the balance of the region’s ecosystem.
  • In the property’s Turtle Garden, there are three different species of freshwater turtles: Mojina, Jicoteca and Casquito.
  • Fairmont Mayakoba is committed to assisting wild flora and fauna live and grow in a safe environment, as close to their natural habitat as possible. The hotel’s staff cares for the animals, and provides them with secure nesting sites.
  • Fairmont Mayakoba’s gardens boast drought-tolerant plants that are native to the area. The plants help save water, as they are highly adaptable to the weather conditions of the area and do not require extensive irrigation or care.
  • Fairmont Mayakoba’s gardens include fruit trees that grow naturally, without the need for any fertilizers or chemicals.
  • Fairmont Mayakoba’s gardens have several signs to inform guests about the native flora and fauna and biodiversity that can be found on-property.

Fairmont Mayakoba has partnered with Community Tours Sian Ka’an (CTSK), a local tourism organization from the nearby Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. CTSK is an award-winning tourism service alliance composed of three tour operators that conduct tours in designated areas, and work closely with the Sian Ka’an park managers to ensure minimal environmental impact. More importantly, CTSK donates a percentage of its revenue directly to conservation efforts in the reserve. By participating in these local tours, our guests expand their knowledge of the Mayan people and their traditions.

To book a tour with CTSK please contact our Concierge Team.

The Mayan vicinity of Quintana Roo is a richly historical area where Mayan descendants reside and provide continuation to one of the most important cultures in the world. Through the implementation of programs financed by the COMPACT-PNUD (United Nations Programs) and other local organizations, the region strives to support sustainable development and the fostering of the Mayan culture. Fairmont Mayakoba offers products made by local Mayan artisans to support their families’ development, encourage proper use of natural resources, and strengthen knowledge of the Mayan culture.

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A turtle sitting on a rock near water.

Compromiso con Nuestros Colaboradores

Los empleados de Fairmont Mayakoba también se complacen en conocer algunas de las exquisitas especialidades que nuestros restaurantes ofrecen a sus huéspedes para alentarlos y recomendarles estos sabores únicos. Esta actividad se realiza una vez al mes en el comedor de empleados de Kookay, una idea original del chef Guillermo López.

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