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The Riviera Maya was originally called the “Cancun-Tulum corridor,” but in 1999, it was renamed as the Riviera Maya located south of Cancun, Mexico. It straddles the coastal Federal Highway 307, along the Caribbean coastline of the state of Quintana Roo.

The Riviera Maya is famous for its large scale all-inclusive resorts and a historical tourism base of smaller boutique hotels as well as the many fine-dining restaurants available near the beaches.

Archeological sites are the most visited locations, such as Tulum on the coast as well as Chichen Itza, and Coba located some distance inland.

The mean annual temperature is 24-25 °C (75-77 °F).  The climate is dominated by a rainy season from May through November. Within the dry season, there is a period dominated by northerly winds, called El Norte, which usually occurs in January and February.

The Fairmont Mayakoba hotel, part of the Mayakoba luxury resort community, is situated in the heart of the Riviera Maya and is approximately 42 miles or 68 km south of Cancun.


Fairmont Mayakoba was built specifically considering the protection of our mangrove. These forests are the “kidneys of our planet” as they are responsible for cleaning the water in our coral reefs.

During its construction phase, Fairmont Mayakoba preserved most of the land’s natural jungles, flora, and fauna. By implementing an ancient Mayan technique called “socoleo” (used to highlight the beauty of plants by pruning and replanting them), more than 1,500 trees were rescued and relocated all around the property. Today, those plants have grown and multiplied, and some already became mature trees.

During the property’s construction phase, there were also special measures taken to care for the animals found on site. More than 40 species, including exotic birds and iguanas, were relocated for safety and returned to the property in 2006 before our grand opening. Additionally, during the construction phase, the hotel made sure to preserve green areas between the buildings and casitas, creating a natural habitat for many species.


On the resorts’ 45 acres, Fairmont Mayakoba offers 401 unique, spacious, and luxuriously appointed guest rooms, mostly casita-style accommodations. The architecture is harmoniously complementary to the surroundings through the integration of wood and stone construction elements. Interior and exterior space flows together with a sense of casual elegance and creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation, bringing the “outside in.”  The vast expansion of land provides a feeling of peace and a sense of immediate tranquility and privacy.

Guests experience from the first light of the Mexican Riviera day to the soft fall of daylight the majesty of the unforgettable property views.


Since 2006, the legendary kitchens of Fairmont Mayakoba have proudly been serving guests from all over the world. Discover unforgettable dining experiences featuring the surprising flavors of Mexico.

As part of Fairmont’s commitment to environmental stewardship, our menus contain locally sourced, organic, or sustainable items whenever possible. 

Should you have any special requests or dietary requirements, kindly call in-room dining, and we will be pleased to do our best to meet your needs.


In 2017 the Mayakoba Community in liaison with the local authorities and strict adherence to the environmental protection guidelines implemented a comprehensive coastal rehabilitation project which has reversed the process of natural erosion present in most beaches in the Caribbean.

The result is not only a breathtaking beach but an enhanced guest experience with several environmental benefits. Guests staying at Fairmont Mayakoba enjoy 100% more beach! The refurbishment doubled the size of the resort’s beach resulting in an additional 30 meters of dry beach, making Fairmont Mayakoba´s the largest beach in the Mayakoba community and one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in the region. 

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