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A Day for Love and Treats: National Dog Day

A Day for Love and Treats: National Dog Day

It’s time to celebrate man’s best friend! Dogs have been our closest familiars for millennia, and, since 2004, we have dedicated August 26th to celebrating the important roles they play in our lives.

Not only are they our favorite cuddle buddies, but they also support society by being guide dogs, helping police officers, and even becoming mayors of some small towns around the world. Considering how hard they work, it’s evident that they need a day dedicated to them where they can be showered with love, praise, and treats. But, more than just a day to praise them, they deserve an entire week of vacation!

And That’s Where We Come In…

Relaxing with a drink by the pool!

Fairmont Mayakoba encourages people to bring their furry companion with them during their stay.

With our “Petcation” package, you can bring your dog (or cat) with you and also enjoy extra services.

First, you will be able to take a gorgeous complementary boat tour around the lagoon. Enjoy learning about different kinds of flora and fauna next to your puppy.

In addition, you will have 25% off a magnificent breakfast for two people and one dog! 

Most importantly, Fairmont has no shortage of breathtaking nature trails to explore with your pet. You can take nice long walks by the jungle, the beach, the mangrove forest and the golf course. And, if your dog is more sportive, you can even utilize our bicycles in order to get a more fast-paced workout. 

Our esteemed guests walking in one of Mayakoba’s marvelous trails.

You will also have access to specialized cleaning services to make sure your room is squeaky clean every day! You won’t have to deal with those pesky dog hairs here.

But, what about having some time for yourself on the vacation? Well, that’s why we have a readily available pet sitting service, so you can still enjoy areas which are off limits to dogs while knowing your animal is fully safe and well-behaved.

Without a doubt, the only thing better than staying in paradise is staying in paradise with your best friend.

Interested in a petcation?

By Gaelle Paquet

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