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Chac Chac Rain – A Unique Experience to Reconnect the Body & Soul

Chac Chac Rain – A Unique Experience to Reconnect the Body & Soul

The Mayan culture is well-known for their architecture, astrological vision, and their enigmatic ceremonies. Chaak in Mayan means rain; they use to do a ceremony called Cha’a Chaak that means Rain Falling, in which Mayans offer food and rituals to ask the gods for a rainy season.

Inspired by Mayan ceremonies, Chac Chac Rain is a treatment in which you will experience and leave the outside world behind. This experience begins with a traditional Mayan blessing and burning of copal incense. As you relax on the rain table, a healing body mask of corn kernels, clay, and oats is applied. Then your skin is exfoliated, followed by a shower of warm water, where finally a soothing massage with sage oil will relax all your senses.

After or before your experience, the beautiful Mexican gardens, outdoor Swiss showers, and whirlpools of our men’s and women’s locker rooms will delight your senses. On the rooftop, ease your muscles with the healing waters of our signature vitality pool, or take a refreshing dip in our sea-mineral soaking pool. The experiences of the Willow Stream Spa take at least one hour. We want you to choose the time you need to find your energy. 

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