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Change your mind, attitude, and mood at Muuk’ Gym

Change your mind, attitude, and mood at Muuk’ Gym

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”.

Don’t use “vacations” to stop your workout routine. We know that starting again can be difficult and boring, so we add to our fitness options a new, different, and fresh eco weight circuit at the beach, Muuk’ Gym!

Why Muuk’?

Muuk’ means strength in Mayan. Conjunction of three natural abilities that are part of every living being; Physic (body), vital (soul/energy), and spiritual (mind). The balance of these three powers is indispensable to achieve your goals.

Muuk’ symbolizes strength, dedication, and crafting your own path forward. Mobilize your body, unplug your mind and transform your experience with the ultimate beachfront workout.

The combination of fitness and nature makes this eco-gym a unique workout spot.

This new eco-gym offers a weight circuit with different equipment perfect for your workouts like wooden dumbbells, long bench press, rack press, and pull-up wood bar. Workout while enjoying the beauty of the beach! We also have other fitness offerings that you can add to your fitness routines!

Your New To-Do Fitness List!


Exercise Type: Cardio

Running in the beach challenges your body in a different way! It has great benefits for your health and training.

Improves your running technique by developing a midfoot strike and a stable push-off.

Increase your calorie burn; your muscles have to work harder than usual and your body requires more energy.

More strength, stability, and coordination; you have to engage your core’s stabilizing muscles to compensate for the uneven surface.


Exercise Type: Strength-Training

Start your day with sunrise yoga. Hear the sound of the relaxing waves, feel the rising sun rays, smell the salty atmosphere. Relax and align your chakras. Renew yourself and give thanks for another day at life’s paradise.

Yoga has amazing benefits for your mind and body.

  • Improves strength, balance, and flexibility
  • Helps with back pain relief
  • Helps with concentration and focus
  • Increase your energy
  • It helps you manage stress


Exercise type: Cardio

A great cardio workout!

Burn a lot of calories with this fun exercise, recreational paddling burns double the number of calories burned during a leisure walk. In a single hour of moving smoothly at a moderate pace, you are going to burn 304-430 calories.

It also reduces stress; When you start paddling and find a rhythm, you will feel stress losing its grip on you. The beautiful scenery will soothe you and stimulate your brain to produce serotonin and endorphins responsible for making you happy. 

Works your entire body; Maintaining balance is the key in paddling; you need to use the core, back, and abdominal muscles. The forces are distributed throughout every muscle, from the neck to the toes. As you paddle, your back, arms, and shoulder muscles are constantly engaged.

Exercise yourself at Fairmont Mayakoba; being fit never was so unique and fun! Enjoy healthy culinary offerings at our restaurants with the All-Inclusive Package!

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