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Coral Reef Restoration Program at Fairmont Mayakoba

Coral Reef Restoration Program at Fairmont Mayakoba

ACCOR is deeply committed to sustainable value creation, and plays and active role in giving back to the planet and community. Fairmont Mayakoba in partnership with Oceanus AC, provides guests the opportunity to help save the planet by restoring the Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest in the world. This reef expands in front of Mayakoba’s beach and guests can sail away in a guided catamaran to experience how baby corals are being reintroduced to the ocean.

Since May 2015, Fairmont Mayakoba begun collaborating with Oceanus, focused on rebuilding coral reefs by creating nurseries, leading to transplantation of more than 1,500 corals with an 80% survival rate that continues to grow, enhancing natural resilience.

Fairmont Mayakoba obtains healthy fragments of the more significant colonies of coral which are transferred to the site of restoration of the property. There, corals are fixed in bases that hold them while being transplanted to the seabed where they will naturally continue their growth. 

At Fairmont mayakoba we encourage our guests to actively participate through a snorkel tour so they can discover the nurseries and have a better understanding of the process that we follow to preserve the corals.

Our goal is to train and certify local coral reef restoration groups, not only to recover from the current erosion, but also to tach everyday eco-conscious practices.

Acting here means acting locally. To learn more about the initiative, please visit Oceanus AC 

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