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Creating a thriving environment for Melipona Bees

Creating a thriving environment for Melipona Bees

Making the world a better place, Fairmont Mayakoba on behalf of the World Wide Fund for Nature, has partnered with “Flor de Tajonal” and the “U’yoolche AC” association to support our local communities.

With a difference from other types of honey, this syrup is produced by melipona stingless bees in the Yucatan Peninsula. Ancient and contemporary Mayan communities have cherished it as it contains twice as nutritious properties as ordinary honey used for medicinal purposes.

As a result of all of these activities, the melipona bees are endangered. Together with “Flor de Tajonal” and the “U’yoolche AC association,” we generate funds to create brand products. Additionally, we have installed

three melipona bee apiaries at Willow Steam Spa, hoping the species recover.

Now, every year during Global Wellness Day held in June, a Mayan shaman is invited to our property to officiate a ceremony and bless this beautiful cycle of life.

Due to the positive impact this initiative has produced and to help the pollination process, different aromatic herbs such as lavender, oregano, and sage, have been seeded at Willow Stream Spa.

If our guests would like to support this community and the melipona bee initiative, they can find soaps made of honey at our Spa Boutique.

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