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Magnificent Biodiversity
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Magnificent Biodiversity

“Welcome to Fairmont Mayakoba! Today May 22nd we celebrate International Biodiversity Day and as part of our commitment to environmental education we would like to highlight the importance of biodiversity for the environment.

First of all,

What is biodiversity? 

The United Nations defines biodiversity as the wide variety of species of flora and fauna in the world as well as the genetic variety within the same species and the plurality of ecosystems that exist.

Now that we know what biodiversity is,

Why is its conservation important? 

To maintain a healthy ecosystem it is necessary that it has a wide biodiversity of flora and fauna that coexist with each other for the regulation of the natural cycles that are generated in a healthy ecosystem.

In addition to this, a wide biodiversity and genetic diversity helps the different species to have a better chance of adapting to climatic and terrain changes that may occur as a result of pollution and human activity.


At Fairmont Mayakoba we can find different ecosystems coexisting with each other such as the coastal dune, the coral reef, mangroves and mid jungle. Within these ecosystems we will find different species of flora and fauna that constantly interact with each other. We understand the importance of these interactions, from the melipona bees that pollinate the flowers of our nature-filled corridors to the mangrove that serves as a nursery for fish.

What can we do to help conserve biodiversity? 

There are many ways we can have a positive impact on biodiversity. From buying our products from responsible companies or companies with sustainability practices to participating in reforestation or habitat restoration activities. Other options to help biodiversity is the use of biodegradable or environmentally friendly products such as repellents or sunscreens.


We invite you to take a walk along our Nature Trail or take a boat ride through our lagoon system to appreciate the great biodiversity of birds, mammals and plants at the Fairmont Mayakoba.

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