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Fairmont Mayakoba now part of the UNESCO Sustainable Tourism Pledge

Fairmont Mayakoba now part of the UNESCO Sustainable Tourism Pledge

What is the pledge?

The Sustainable Tourism Pledge aims to promote responsible practices, community resilience and heritage conservation. While it is being piloted in Thailand, the intention is to change the nature and impact of global tourism.

The pledge takes an industry-first approach to environmental and cultural protection, requiring hotel operators to introduce firm measures to eliminate single-use plastics and promote local culture. By sharing information on what you are already doing towards these aims and what more you are planning for the next 12 months, hotels can showcase their commitment for potential guests to see.

The pledge is designed to inspire and provide incentives to local tourism businesses in key destinations, such as coastal areas and World Heritage sites, to support sustainable tourism and safeguard heritage in line with the internationally agreed Sustainable Development Goals.

Fairmont Mayakoba

We are proud to announce that Fairmont Mayakoba is part of this pledge and acquired the label of “UNESCO Sustainable Property” at a platinum level. We have a strong commitment to preserving the environment, and we implemented and followed different protocols and initiatives to achieve our goals.

Some of our initiatives includes:

  • Planting and maintenance of trees in the region and conservation of green areas
  • Use of environmentally friendly transportation
  • The correct separation of waste and shipment to collectors authorized by SEMA
  • Using LED lamps
  • INCOM System
  • Donations or reusable items sale
  • Consumption of local products

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