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Fairmont Mayakoba Pop-Up Restaurants

Fairmont Mayakoba Pop-Up Restaurants

When traveling, one of the main experiences we want to take advantage of is the culinary ones. Going to another city, state, or country, trying the traditional dishes, opens our frontiers and can taste other new and different flavors. From spicy to sweet, from salty to acid, whatever the offering is, each has its own story behind its tastiness.

Mexico is a country where food is one of its strengths. Each state has its own flavors and main dishes. For example, there are around 500 different kinds of tamales, more than 13 different enchiladas, and uncountable other exquisite dishes.

As we know that most of our guests love to try our Mexican street food, we create a pop-up Mexican Tianguis with different live stations that offer tasty tacos to spicy Cochinita Pibil.

Tianguis Mexicano

Located at La Isla Lawn, Tianguis Mexicano is a culinary pop-up experience where you will be able to try different Mexican offerings. Enter a Mexican street market ambiance, look at all the live food stations, and start ordering! Ask for a refreshing cocktail, maybe a Margarita or a cold beer, and sit to have dinner while enjoying the Mariachi music!

Try the Cotton Candy or some delicious handmade churros. After your dinner, visit the handcraft spot and buy Mexican souvenirs for your family or friends!

The Live Food Stations

Tacos de Pastor

This exquisite dish is one of the favorites in Mexico. This dish normally consists of shaved spit-roasted pork, pineapple, onion, and cilantro, all on top of a corn tortilla, and you can add green spicy sauce and lemon. What makes these tacos so tasty is the pork marinated meat. This “adobo” is made of a mix of peppers, some spices like oregano, achiote, and cumin, and citric fruit juices. Then, it is placed in a “trompo” until it turns crispy on the surface. Try them!

Tacos de Canasta

Steamed tacos, soft and moist, with fillings such as chicharrón, mole verde, potato, refried beans, shredded chicken, and carnero en adobo (spicy mutton/sheep).

They’re sometimes (rather unappealingly) called tacos sudados—“sweated tacos”—tacos al vapor, or tacos mineros in other parts of Mexico.


Carnitas are made by braising or simmering pork in oil until tender. The process takes three to four hours. The result is very tender and juicy meat, typically served with chopped cilantro, diced onion, salsa, guacamole, tortillas, and refried beans.

Fresh Cocktails

Ask for your favorite cocktails, and we strongly recommend a delicious salty Margarita! Or a cold beer also is perfect to pair it with your tacos!

Enjoy all our food offerings and drinks! This experience is available one day a week from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. If you have an All-Inclusive meal plan, this experience is already included!

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