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Summer mode on at Fairmont Mayakoba!

Summer mode on at Fairmont Mayakoba!

Dreams are made of sand and sun!

How can you describe your perfect summer?
Maybe you are thinking about the weather… Warm? A beautiful and shiny sun, tan lines and sunglasses, big classy hats, a sweet and tasty Piña Colada, sugary white sand, and a beautiful turquoise ocean? If your answer is YES… Fairmont Mayakoba is your next destination!

Pack your swimming suite and make your own sunshine this Summer Vacation!

Fairmont Mayakoba adapts perfectly for any traveler’s need, from adventure to relaxation, for families or a romantic escape, multi-gen or solo travel; no matter which is your type of travel, Mayakoba will be a dream come true.

Connect with nature, savor the exquisite Mexican cuisine offerings from our talented chefs, explore the destination, and create memorable moments!

Adventurous Travelers

Mayakoba Dive School

Explore the world’s second-largest barrier reef and the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea from the new Mayakoba Dive & Water Sports Center. Our knowledgeable, certified instructors offer excursions for divers and water sports enthusiasts of all abilities, including dive training, certification, or continued education to develop skills, as well as top-of-the-line equipment and facilities.


Experience vast open spaces and pure freedom with the Seabob Experience.  you can actually move through the water like a fish. Freely, both on the surface and at depth.

It represents pure excitement, enhancing your snorkeling, freediving, or scuba diving experience. Whether longer or shorter journeys, dynamic or leisurely adventures, you can explore an unfamiliar world with a whole new level of intensity.

Catamaran + CORAL REEF Snorkel Experience

Explore de Caribbean Sea on our Catamaran and join our efforts to restore the Mesoamerican Reef, the second-largest reef in the world. Along with Oceanus, Fairmont Mayakoba grows rescued corals back to the ocean. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at how we grow and harvest precious Acropora Palmata coral to be transplanted into the Mesoamerican Reef.


Sunrise Run at the Beach

Start your day with the right foot and energize yourself with a morning run by the beach. Feel the warm breeze, the sugary sand, and smell the salty turquoise ocean while running in one of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches.

Enjoy the bright sunrise and use this personal moment to connect with nature.

Beach Grill Experience

One of the signature experiences for this Summer is our lunch and dinner experience at the beach! Enjoy each day a different a la carte menu crafted by our talented chefs while feeling delighted by the beauty of the turquoise ocean view and the relaxing sound of the waves.

Ki’ Korean BBQ Experience

Mayan for friendship and Korean for yummy, Ki’ is a vibrant intimate Korean grill experience at night with your feet in the sand. Kick back and take in the ocean breeze while sipping your favorite tropical-inspired cocktails.

Experience a 7-course menu made up of five starters, a Korean-style BBQ, and dessert.

Soul Searcher Travelers

Sunrise Yoga

Find your inner self, meditate, relax, and recharge your body with new and bright energy.

Make sungazing before starting your yoga experience. Let the sun heal your body and soul by converting solar energy to vital energy.

Breath, create a calm mind, and deliver oxygen to your muscles while hearing the rhythmic sound of the waves. Feel peace and hear yourself.

Copal Mayan Purification at Willow Stream Spa

The Mayans believe that the copal was the medium of communication within the world that is not ours and is through its smoke. They purified themselves to empower them. A healing energy cleansing with natural herbs and copal is the beginning of this journey of discovery and balance; first, the body is cleaned, our ancient Mayan clay is used to potentiate the detoxifying
effects, and a profoundly relaxing massage follows to warm and activate the body circulation. The treatment ends with the intent in life throughout an affirmation for the day.


At Mayakoba, we have around 133 different animal species, of which 79 are birds. Hear the sound of nature while observing the beauty in the diversity of Fairmont Mayakoba ecosystems; low jungle, mangroves, fresh water, dunes, and ocean.

Look around and find the different birds that live at Mayakoba; the beautiful Yucatan Jay, unique for its blue color and yellow beak, or the stunning Cormorants resting throughout the different decks.

Live the Fairmont Mayakoba Experience with our All-Inclusive Meal Plan and create memorable summer stories!

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