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Fairmont Mayakoba wins the excellence Haute Grandeur Award 2022

Fairmont Mayakoba wins the excellence Haute Grandeur Award 2022

What is The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards?

The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards, started as an independent initiative with the purpose of honoring the contributions of those exceptional hotels from all around the world. Since its creation in 2014, its mission has been to increase the level of service quality by rewarding only the most recognized hotels across the 7 continents and 172 participating countries. With 90 categories, this prestigious initiative puts emphasis on the opinions of guests on a number of factors to offer an impartial and fair result.

Each year, the Awards Gala Ceremony takes place in a different exotic location, making it the most luxurious event of the year in the hotel industry. It solidifies the fact that the awards only resonate with the most distinguished and noteworthy establishments. It showcases a plethora of hotels from which travelers can look into to choose from for their next stay, and highlights their leadership, hard work, dedication, ambition, and success.

As part of the results for the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards 2022…

Fairmont Mayakoba has obtained the Excellence Award in:

Best Beach Resort on a Global Level

Best Golf Resort on a Global Level

Most Unique Guest Experience on a Global Level

Best All Inclusive Resort in North-America

This is due to the daily implementation of positive actions and, the intention to create a special environment with great unforgettable moments.

3 reasons that highlight the excellence at Fairmont Mayakoba

  • Heartists, the are the soul of Fairmont. Thanks to them our guests feel at home.
  • The wonderful natural environment that is taken care every day.
  • The experiences of each one of the activities within the resort.

Would you like to live the Fairmont Mayakoba excellence experience?

By Gaelle Paquet

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