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Fusion, flavors, and unique experiences at the Caribbean paradise

Fusion, flavors, and unique experiences at the Caribbean paradise

Traveling is discovering; the culture of a country, the patrimony of a city, the ancient flavors of a community, and a lifetime unique experience worth sharing. Imagine two different culinary techniques and cuisines merged in one exquisite degustation menu created by 2 talented Mexican chefs.

In collaboration with Food and Travel Magazine, Jorge Miramontes, from Fairmont Mayakoba Chef, and Ángel Vazquez, Executive and Owner-Chef from Augurio restaurant, worked together to place a fresh and creative degustation menu inspired by sustainable seafood, organic products, and Mexican traditions which enhances ancestral flavors in every bite in an ocean breeze ambiance by the beach. This Food and Travel Culinary Weekend was the opening of different experiences that the magazine is doing around the country to showcase the different gastronomic cultures and the talented chefs from Mexico.

T H E . S E T T I N G .


A beautiful rustic wood table with perfect matching “mimbre” and plant decor with colorful Otomi linen and the best view of the Caribbean sea is what make this set up special.

Barefoot at the beach, this experience enhances the senses with the fresh breeze, warm sun, and exquisite weather while enjoying the company, sharing stories, and creating unforgettable moments.

T H E . C H E F S .

Two exceptionally talented Chefs work together to make the fusion of their cuisines. Chef Jorge Miramontes from Fairmont Mayakoba, originally from Nayarit, Mexico, surprised us with a Barbacoa-style octopus. Grilled octopus marinated with a traditional adobo sauce mounted in hummus, simulating the chickpeas of the “consomé” soup. Chef Ángel Vazquez, the Executive Chef and Owner of Augurio restaurant at Puebla delighted our palates with a tasty Tomahawk with his signature “Mole Poblano” and organic vegetables.

Jorge Miramontes, Chef of Fairmont Mayakoba
Ángel Vázquez, Executive & Owner-Chef at Augurio

T H E . M E N U .

1st Course

Ostión Chingón

Tropical Mignonette / Coriander / Lemon

Inspiration: La Paz, Baja California.


Avocado Puree / Pico de Gallo / Serrano Pepper / Coriander

Inspiration: Ensenada, Baja California

Tiradito King kampachi

Green Mole / Green Curry / Hoja Santa / Avocado / Coriander

Inspiration: La Paz, Baja California

Aguachile Callo

Chiltepin Pepper / Cucumber / Jalapeño / Red Onion / Avocado / Radish

Inspiration: San Carlos, Sonora

2nd Course

Ostión al grill

Oysters / Miso butter

Inspiration: La Paz, Baja California

Barbacoa de pulpo

Octopus / Hummus / Onion / Coriander / Radish / Avocado

Inspiration: Campeche, México

Lobina rayada

Lobina / Zarandeado Adobo / Yuzu Alioli / Pickled Onion / Grilled Orange and Lemon

Inspiration: Isla Todos los Santos, Baja California


Vail Jus / Poblano Mole / Tortillas

Inspiration: Puebla, Mexico

All the seafood products used in this extraordinary menu are from sustainable fishing. One of the main commitments at Fairmont Mayakoba is to protect our environment. Our culinary team works with a Zero Waste program; they also use local products and suppliers, organic vegetables, and sustainable seafood.

T H E . D E S S E R T .


To close this tasty experience, our Pastry Chef, Andrea Bautista, surprises us with a flavored ice cream stand with different unique offerings; Mango and chamoy, strawberry, coconut, rum and berries, and soursop.

Also, a Churro cart with sugary churros filled with chocolate, condensed milk, or milk candy “Cajeta”.

Feel part of this outstanding event and watch the Food and Travel transmission!

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