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Great (and simple) ways to celebrate Earth Month 2023

Great (and simple) ways to celebrate Earth Month 2023

Each April, environmental activists, conservationists and concerned global citizens join together to raise awareness and advocate for change surrounding the many issues affecting the health and sustainability of our planet. Earth Month, culminating with Earth Day on April 22nd is especially important as attention to the global climate crisis has become more urgent than ever. While significant progress has been made in recent years, most of the world’s leaders recognize there is far more work to do. Earth Month sets the stage to present strategies and propose solutions to prevent further harm to our delicate planet and its natural resources.

Here are some great and simple ideas on how you can participate in Earth Month to help Mother Nature keep our planet healthy for years to come.

  • Leave your car parked by finding transportation alternatives. Ride a bike, walk, use public transportation or carpool. Cars are a significant source of carbon emissions that pollute the air and cause global warming.
  • Plant a tree. Not only do trees reduce a city’s temperature, but they also lead to cleaner air by exhaling more oxygen into the environment. In addition to planting trees, consider planting a vegetable garden in April and enjoy the benefits all summer.
  • Buy and use reusable bags and water bottles. Since it takes millions of barrels of oil to produce, plastic bags and water bottles which clog landfills and on top of this are very harmful to animals, especially marine wildlife.
  • Unsubscribe to catalogs and junk mail. Trees are a valuable resource, and far too many are wasted on printed materials that no one wants or reads. Instead, use one of many free, opt-out services such as and say goodbye to unwanted catalogs and junk mail.
  • Shop for vintage clothes. Too often, we stop wearing clothes while they are still in perfect condition. This is especially true for children. Instead, consider buying used clothing from a site like, where you can buy (and sell) gently used kid’s clothing.
  • Get outside. With warmer spring temperatures throughout the country, April is a perfect time for outdoor activities. Get away from behind a computer or in front of a television and immerse yourself in nature. Sometimes, a simple walk in the park can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.
  • Let your voice be heard. Earth Month, specifically Earth Day, is known for local, national, and global events. Check your local city, state, or regional government websites for listings of Earth Day events or visit Events range from rallies and clean-ups to participating in ongoing conservation projects.

For those seeking a tropical escape to a pristine and nature-friendly environment, consider an April visit to Fairmont Mayakoba. Here, you’ll be immersed in five unique ecosystems. Designed to preserve its lush mangrove forest, the environmentally conscious resort is thoughtfully built in and around the jungle, with most accommodations close to the sea. Clear fresh-water canals and placid lagoons crisscross the large property, which feels wonderfully wild.

The resort is planning special activities for guests and families visiting during Earth Month. For example, on April 17th, enjoy the night “bat-watching and turn down service” with tastings of bat-pollinated foods, including Tequila. On Earth Day, April 22nd, you can participate in an array of unique activities, including a reforestation of the resort’s coastal dune, an OCEANUS information station to learn about the coral reefs that surround the resort, activities in the Kids Club featuring projects using recycled materials, and a swap party where you can trade items with fellow guests.

For more information and to book your Fairmont Mayakoba getaway, visit

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