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Happy Beach Day !

Happy Beach Day !

Sun, sand and the sound of the ocean waves.
Perfect combination to add happiness to our lives.

Being at the beach means recharging ourselves of energy, resting and having fun; and the best part is you can enjoy an incredible day on your own or accompanied by your loved ones. The beach is wonderful in every conceivable way and because of that it has its own special day of celebration. The 30th of August we celebrate National Beach Day, a moment to thank and take care of its existence.

Let’s remember that everything the beach has to offer is being lost because of global warming and waste that gets to the ocean, affecting the entirety of its environment.


At Fairmont Mayakoba we are extremely compromised to take care of the planet and above all our beaches through our sustainable development program, PLANET 21, which is currently active ad functioning with a variety of projects. Likewise, we always invite our guests to get informed and participate in activities inside of the resort such as:

Our coral restoration program: makes it possible to create bases for the coral reproduction colonies and includes a snorkeling tour to view the project in its habitat.

Diving: where you’ll be able to admire from up close the marine species that help to keep the environment in balance.

Turtle camping: to live a unique experience and raise awareness.

So how can you celebrate this special day?

You can celebrate by constantly and consciously doing great actions such as:

  • Correctly separating waste.
  • Reducing/avoiding the use of plastic.
  • Learning to recycle and reutilize.
  • Reducing electric energy usage.
  • Traveling by sea responsibly.
  • Not buying products that could affect marine life.
  • And above all, attending beach cleanings or clean-ups.
    Don’t forget to share your photo on the beach that day and any action that you’ve done in order to take care of it.

Click here to enjoy the activities we have at the resort to take care of our planet and live an unforgettable family experience:

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