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International Tequila Day; When Culture and Fun Intertwine

International Tequila Day; When Culture and Fun Intertwine

Agave plants, used to make tequila.

An iconic Mexican drink and a must-have for any successful night out

Having existed since pre-colonial times, tequila has captivated the hearts of Mexican culture enthusiasts and party people alike . Fortunately for them, Tequila Day is right around the corner, taking place on July 24th.  And, with its amazing drinks, fantastic bars, and surprising usages of such a popular beverage, Fairmont Mayakoba is the perfect place to celebrate this lively occasion.

The hotel takes full advantage of tequila’s versatility by innovating a multitude of flavorful beverages to try. For instance, the “wants and needs” drink uses various Mexican ingredients to make a mouthwateringly cultural drink. Tequila, roasted pineapple, hibiscus, lime and grapefruit come together in order to make a fruitful and tasty beverage. And, adventurously, the hotel offers margaritas with various interesting twists. For instance, the blue margarita utilizes blue curacao to achieve its delicious signature color and taste. Or, the guest-favorite habanero margarita makes for a spicy, tasty and creative tequila-based drink. And, if desired, there is always the option of drinking it pure. Artisanal tequilas such as Santanera and Clase Azul make taking shots easy and delectable. These Fairmont beverages are representative of Mexican culture and make for a perfect way to enjoy this holiday. 

In addition, when it comes to the environments in which you can enjoy the drink, Fairmont has no shortage of fine spots.

Oozing the same luxury and elegance that is found in tequila, the lounge makes for the perfect place to enjoy a nice glass of this featured alcohol. Or, if the desired atmosphere is more casual, the beach is an ideal spot to sit back and appreciate a nice celebratory drink. In addition, Fairmont benefits from having a bar located inside a pool, where you swim and relax while drinking fresh tequila beverages. Regardless of preference, Fairmont offers a wide array of locations fit to satisfy any client.

However, drinking tequila isn’t the only way to enjoy such a unique holiday. The hotel’s spa, Willow Stream, offers a creative and unique treatment in which tequila is used to renew and soften the skin. After a sugar, lime, sage and tequila exfoliation, a massage is given with a refreshing mix of sage oil and tequila. To end the relaxing celebration, a hydrating facial cleaning with blue agave is done in order to finish off this culturally immersive experience. In this manner, Fairmont challenges preconceived notions of tequila and offers a perfect activity to try on Tequila Day.

Such an important holiday deserves nothing less than a grandiose celebration. And, with its sophisticated bars, relaxing pools, delicious drinks, and creative spa treatments, the hotel makes for a perfect spot to celebrate tequila day (or to just enjoy the drink on a regular evening). An unforgettable experience; Fairmont Mayakoba is perfect for any and all tequila lovers.

Are you interested in enjoying these amenities and having some of our delicious tequila?

By Gaelle Paquet

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