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Irma Tuyub – An Inspiring Role Model at Fairmont Mayakoba

Irma Tuyub – An Inspiring Role Model at Fairmont Mayakoba


Having the effect of inspiring someone.

Some people truly inspire us. They seem to balance all the pillars of their life; Mental, physical, emotional, professional, and spiritual. They are role models that teach with example and lead with teamwork.

They have a purpose, and they make a difference. They believe in themselves and encourage their team to do it too; they empathize with people and the different situations surrounding them, and they think big! They have a clear vision of the future and what they need to do to accomplish the goals.

Irma Tuyub, Executive Housekeeper and Assistant of Rooms Director at Fairmont Mayakoba, is a clear example of leadership and inspiring women.

Irma starts her career at 18 years old as Housekeeping Assistant at Hyatt Cancun Caribe. After a year, she was promoted to F&B Assistant, and then she starts with the same position at Omni Cancun.

She had the opportunity to be part of the opening team at Ritz Carlton as Housekeeping Coordinator, then she was promoted as Housekeeping Supervisor and finally as PM Manager.

After her career at Ritz Carlton, she starts at Fairmont Mayakoba as Casita Manager. She was promoted to Housekeeping Assistant, Executive Housekeeping, and now she runs the Assistant of Rooms Division & Housekeeping Executive.

She had the opportunity to support other properties like Fairmont Orchid Hawai, Sofitel Legend Cartagena, and So/Sofitel at La Habana.

Being a role model is something big; the combination of motivative leadership and great results is fundamental.

“I have known her for 14 years, and she always has the same energy for her people and at work. Knowing the business and giving results keeping people happy is not easy, and she does it. Also, she has a great team like Natalia, just like Irma, she masters her subject and does it with pleasure.”

“I admire Irma Tuyub a lot; I have worked with her for a long time. I think she is a committed person and one of the people I can trust the most. I see that she is a person who works a lot and always answers for her team. I also love her very much.”

“I consider her to be an exemplary woman, an admirable woman, a woman who supports her team, loves her people very much, and I think she is an example to follow. She is a leader that I have worked with for a long time, and I respect and admire a lot.”

“She has taken different positions since she arrived at the hotel, but above all, she has never lost her passion for what she does and for her team and has always treated her housekeepers in a super way, so much so that a clear example is that the housekeepers have been working here for many years. … 12, 15 years, when in other hotels the maids do not last more than 2 years. She runs an extensive department, now she has more responsibilities, and whenever we come to ask her for things, she never tells you no, she always tries to find a way to help, apart from all the work she has and the truth is that she always have a lot, rooms and public areas are in perfect condition. She is a great example of someone who has grown in her personal life and her career.”

“What I know of her is admirable. She has a good overall balance of personal life and work-life … She works, how she is with her team, and everything she has achieved at work is outstanding, and I know she is an excellent mother. And the character that she has, she has many responsibilities, many things to do, and she always has a smile and is ready for anything.”

We feel proud we have Irma Tuyub as part of our leading team at Fairmont Mayakoba!

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