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Planet21 – Helping with CO2 Reduction

Planet21 – Helping with CO2 Reduction

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most abundant compounds in the atmosphere and is necessary for life since both humans and animals exhale it while plants use it to photosynthesize. However, in large quantities, it is harmful and contributes to climate change. Today, thanks to human beings, the natural balance has been broken, and it is crucial to take measures to reduce CO2.

At Fairmont Mayakoba, we contribute in the following way as part of our ongoing processes.

Planting and maintenance of trees in the region and conservation of green areas

“Workshop of urban gardens” activity with our heartists to raise awareness and that from home they can learn to make a garden.

Use of environmentally friendly transportation

The means of transport used in the hotel are not motorized. They do not use fuel for their use: bicycles, kayaks, paddles, trolleys, and tatich boats.

The correct separation of waste and shipment to collectors authorized by SEMA

There are containers for each colleague throughout the hotel to carry out the correct separation and disposal of the waste. In turn, they sent these usable waste to a collector authorized by the SEMA, ensuring that they will have a correct final destination.

Using LED lamps

We use energy-saving LED spotlights throughout the hotel.

INCOM System

This system is programmed to turn off the AC in the rooms through sensors every time the doors or windows are open.

Donations or reusable items sale

Donations of items that the hotel doesn’t use any more due to renovations or because they no longer meet the appropriate presentation standard to associations and/or foundations. For example, sheets, bath mats, robes, scarves, beds, lost and found items, soaps, and shampoos.

Consumption of local products

The hotel purchases most of the products and supplies consumed from local suppliers, except for those specific ones with a unique design, brand, or model reasons and needs to be purchased abroad.

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