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Let’s celebrate Global Wellness Day ! 5 Steps to make a difference in your daily life

Let’s celebrate Global Wellness Day ! 5 Steps to make a difference in your daily life

On Saturday, June 11, it’s Global Wellness Day!. This day was established in 2012 in Turkey by Belgin Aksoy to celebrate (every second Saturday of June) the activities that contribute to our health, vitality, and serenity.

What is well-being?

It is deciding to choose a healthier life and realizing that taking care of ourselves is an important thing that we should not neglect. It’s about committing yourself to find a balance. Indeed, the everyday things in life such as work, family, and especially the lack of time make that sometimes, we can forget ourselves.

Taking care of yourself means feeling good physically, morally, and socially. It is therefore beneficial to cultivate a lifestyle in which we feel comfortable.

Going for an early morning run or walk, drinking more water, taking care of your skin, doing a good deed, going out in nature… all of this contributes to your well-being.

What is this year’s theme?

If you are in a dark room, you can’t open the door and throw the darkness out. You have to turn on a light in that room. So, we give that light its color: magenta. Magenta is one of the most striking colors. Nobody can miss it. It gives you energy as soon as you see it.

 #ThinkMagenta is an idea that rises amidst the world’s negativity, promoting simple yet effective affirmations that remind us that living well begins in mind.

Thinking magenta is not about being optimistic but about being realistic. Things happen in our lives, and we have the choice to call them good or bad. Sometimes difficulties, failures, or illnesses become the best teachers. But, no matter what happens, we can always find a way to choose joy.”

#ThinkMagenta starts with three easy steps: stop, breathe and smile.

5 steps to change your daily life:

Let the World Wellness Day manifesto be your compass in life :

  • Walk for an hour
  • Drink more water
  • Don’t use plastic bottles
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Do a good deed
  • Have a family dinner with your loved ones
  • Sleep at 10 pm

Use the right words :

  • No – it’s impossible: Are you sure? Is it impossible, or is there a solution? Of course, we’re not asking you to say YES to everything, but you can be a little more careful when you say NO and NOT POSSIBLE. Remember, there is no such thing as impossible.
  • I can’t do it: can’t do it or won’t do it? There is a big difference because there is nothing you can’t do.
  • Impossible: Are you sure?

Simplify your life:

  • Simplify your closet: Separate the clothes you don’t use, share them with people in need or recycle them. Use only a few items that you like.
  • Reduce your stuff: Get rid of unnecessary things cluttering up your living space and not needed.
  • Consume less: In all aspects of your life, use water and electricity sustainably. Separate your waste and try not to produce waste. Contribute to the future of the planet

Be open to different experiences:

  • Do different things: Try a different route to work. Visit a building you’ve never visited before. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in several years.
  • Dream: Imagine yourself doing the things you want to achieve. Remember and relive your past accomplishments.
  • Play with your senses: Eat an unusual fruit. Start using a different perfume or lotion. Listen to music while you work. Work outside.
  • Play games: Learn chess and play it regularly. Pick up a magazine and look at the pictures. Go through your old photos.

Share the goodness:

Scientific research shows that true happiness comes from sharing. Sharing your knowledge, sharing your experiences, and simply sharing quality time with people will genuinely give you – and them – more joy and inner peace.

Share the #ThinkMagenta philosophy with your spouse, children, family, and friends.

Activities in Fairmont Mayakoba

For the occasion, here is the program that we propose to you to celebrate all together this world day of the well-being !

For water sports activities:

  • 9:00 am Running club
  • 10:00 am Beginner paddle board lessons
  • 12:00 pm Sea kayak race
  • 2:00 pm Beach football tournament
  • 3:00 pm Beginner wind surf lesson
  • 4:00 pm Beach volleyball tournament

What we prepare with the Spa:

  • 7:30 am Sunrise yoga
  • 8:30 am Stretching & relaxation
  • 9:30 am Aqua yoga
  • 12:00 pm Honey harvesting ceremony melipona bees
  • 3:00 pm Masterclass exfoliantes y mascarillas naturales
  • 5:00 pm Cocoa ceremony
  • 6:30 pm Sunset yoga & meditation

What about the Kids Club:

  • 9:15 am Kids yoga by the beach
  • 10:00 am Racing at the beach
  • 11:00 am Mandala universe
  • 12:00 pm Paper mache art
  • 1:00 pm Lunch break
  • 2:00 pm Good vibes tie dye
  • 3:00 pm Mindfullness paint
  • 4:00 pm Activate your body

We hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to #Think Magenta!

By: Lisa Guerin

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