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MAYKANA Fairmont Mayakoba’s new paradise

MAYKANA Fairmont Mayakoba’s new paradise

Where the elements come together

Strolling through the mangroves, arriving at the Caribbean beach you will find a magical place in the middle of nature. The Fairmont Mayakoba’s new beach club, Maykana. It is the perfect spot to admire the scenery and delight in the diverse flavors that make up each element.

With the intention of presenting a new and unique proposal, Fairmont Mayakoba created a new magical space that perfectly combines the elements offered by our planet: Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

What does Maykana mean?

At the same time, wanting to maintain the traditions of its history and ancestors, the name of the hotel is a way to keep it present.

Maykana integrates 2 words Maya + Canasta and also shows part of the name of the location where it is located (May)akoba.

The Mayas are an ancient culture that developed in Mexico, specifically in the states of Yucatan, Campeche, Chiapas, Tabasco and Quintana Roo. This culture believed that by giving offerings to their deities as a sign of veneration, love and respect, they would obtain good luck in return in different areas of their lives.

For Fairmont Mayakoba, Maykana is an offering of gratitude to all its guests through different culinary experiences that promise to transmit the essence of the main elements and two more are added to them, the result of the combination of these 4 elements: Wood, which is its physical form, and the sky in its holistic presence.

Maykana Beach Club

The Inspiration = The Elements


Brisas is a meeting point within Maykana where Mexico connects with the Caribbean.

Its ocean view, great location and Greek-inspired dishes create a relaxing atmosphere.

The Brisas experience is transmitted mainly by the sea breeze and the special element that integrates it, the air.  

Why is air special? Air is the only element that we do not perceive with our eyes. However, it is vital for life and it is always everywhere.

At Brisas you can feel peace and tranquility. It is the ideal place to have a snack, share and be inspired.


From the element of water was created the most unique and charming oasis within Maykana.

Aqua, is an exclusive pool bar to relax in your own cottage on the water and swim while sipping your favorite drink.

This space is integrated by the element of water.

Why is water essential?  Water is vital to life and that is why it is so precious. It is said that water helps to connect and transmute our emotions.

That’s why once you enter the sea, you begin to feel serene.

Aqua is the perfect place to take a break and become one with the water.


Next to Brisas, you will find GAIA.

GAIA is inspired by what the element of earth has to offer. Its sustainable fishing experience celebrates the simplicity and elegance that comes from mother earth, where the sea embraces the land.

Each of their dishes is a unique journey of sustainable flavors.

Why is the earth so important? The earth represents the balance of nature and depending on how we take care of it is how it develops. Being in connection with the earth helps to be in tune with our mind and body.

Gaia creates that experience of balance through her environment and dishes.


Fuego is a warm seaside experience perfect for enjoying a good barbecue and feeling the sand on your feet.

Fuego’s menu options create an explosion of flavors and elevate your emotions to the sky, and best of all, you can enjoy it under the moonlight.

As its name says, it is integrated by the element of fire.

Why is fire special in our lives? Since the beginning of its history it has been used to ignite and illuminate. Indeed, Fire is capable of igniting sensations and illuminating our lives.

Fire creates a friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Chaka is the name given to the new Fairmont Mayakoba boutique within Maykana, it represents in physical form the wood, combination of the 4 elements that form life itself.

It is a boutique with unique designs that combine the authenticity of a free spirit and boho-chic style.

Its collections are designed for elegant living on the beach and are made by local artisans.


Climbing the stairs of Maykana you will find a paradise in the clouds.

Cielo is a magical space that generates a sense of infinite peace and happiness.

Here, you can enjoy the wonderful sunset over the jungle and the ocean while sipping your favorite cocktail sitting in small nests with individual fire pits.

It is an unforgettable social experience full of inspiration.




By : Michelle Hernandez

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