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We have created a list of the top questions about Fairmont Mayakoba for you to clarify your doubts.


  • How to use the espresso machine?

Fill the coffee maker container with water; add a coffee capsule of your choice. Select the amount of coffee you want, wait for the green button to light up and press the button. Enjoy!

  • How to modify the air conditioning temperature?

On the wall of your room, at the side of the hallway, you will find the temperature regulator, this control has two arrows (one in an ascending and a descending direction) select the temperature with the corresponding arrow; you will see the adjusted temperature.

  • How to use Television Control?

In the room, you will find the control of the TV, just press the red button that says ON.

  • How to open a terrace door?

The doors of the terraces have a lock placed on one side of the door, in green the door is without a lock, in red it is locked and will not be able to slide.

  • Does the use of bicycles have a cost?

It has no cost.

  • How often do Tatich’s carts go by?

Every 10 minutes.

  • What are the consumption centers in the hotel?

We have 11 consumption centers: La Laguna, Brisas and El Puerto Restaurants; Aqua and Las Olas bars; Ki Beach Bar, HIX Bar; Beach; Bamboo, Brisas and La Laguna pools.

  • Can I take my slippers or some amenity?

The amenities are for use only during your stay.

  • What time do the consumer centers close?

The restaurants at 11:00 pm and HIX Bar at 1:00 am every day of the week.

  • Does medical care have any cost?

It has no cost, only supplies or external consultations.

  • Until what time is the medical service available?

It is available for 24 hours.


  • What time do the restaurants for breakfast close?

Closes at 11:30 am and has breakfast until noon..

  • Is there a pool open at night?

There are no pools open at night. Only private pools within rooms.

  • Is there a place with nightlife?

HIX Bar, Lounge & Terrace with closing hours at 1:00 am every day of the week.

  • What is the location of Laguna restaurant?

The restaurant is in the middle of the resort.

  • Is there a place with bread and coffee service earlier than the restaurant operation hours?

In-Room Dining service is available 24 hours. Every day of the week.

  • How can I make a reservation for a restaurant?

By dialing “0” or through the Fairmont Staytus application, available at any mobile store.

  • Is there a buffet for lunch or dinner?

 No, only a la carte service.

  • Is there a restaurant that offers a buffet at lunchtime?


  • Is Café Maya included in the all-inclusive package?

It is not included.

  • Is there any other place with televisions?

The room is the only place with televisions.

  • How can I get to the beach?

At Tatich stations, you can get on the transportation that will take you to the beach or on your own on a bicycle.

  • Where can I rent a bicycle?

Bicycles have no cost, and you can take the anywhere where they are parked.

  • Where is El Pueblito?

Within the same Mayakoba complex, next to hole 1 of the golf course. Our transportation service can take you as long as you require, just dial “0”.

  • Do I need to reserve?

It is not necessary, but reservations have priority.

  • Is there any place with live music?

At HIX Bar, Lounge & Terrace, located in our lobby.

  • Where are the bathrooms?

There are five sets of bathrooms. One located next to Tatich station; the second one is inside the building in the convention center. The third is behind the towel station next to Brisas restaurant; the fourth set is next to Laguna restaurant, and the fifth set is next to Maritur’s office by the lobby.

  • Which are the bar hours?

From 11:00 am to 1:00 am.

  • Any place that closes later than the lobby?



  • What are the gym hours?

The gym is open 24 hours. Every day of the week.

  • Where is the SPA reception?

Going down the stairs of the main building towards the pier, on one side 30 meters away is the entrance to the SPA.

  • Are there banks in the SPA?

There are no banks in the SPA, it is necessary to go to the lobby.

  • Is there a Jacuzzi in the SPA?

Yes, there is and is located in the wet area of ​​the men’s and women’s areas, and the open space on the second floor.

  • What is the most popular of the treatments?

The stress relief and body massage, our cocoa wrap Food of the Gods.

  • Do I have access to the facilities? If not, what is the cost?

By acquiring any spa service except beauty salon, you have access to the facilities. Check the costs by calling the spa directly or dial “0”.

  • What are the products or ingredients that they use in the treatments? Are they rare?

They are biodegradable and organic ingredients; you can check them on our website. Our locally inspired services created with natural ingredients and the facial lines we manage to have various worldwide certifications.

  • What is Chaya?

Chaya is a plant endemic to the Yucatan peninsula with various properties that lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. We use it to make our Mayan juice.

  • What are the ingredients of the water that is in the SPA?

Natural water.

  • What are the discounts available?

It is necessary to consult our website for more information.

  • Is there a hair dryer?

We have the necessary equipment at the Spa.

  • What is the cost of the gym?

It is complimentary; it has no cost for all our guests.

  • Is there a pharmacy?

Not at the Spa, however at Café Maya you can find some available over-the-counter medications.

  • Can children access the spa?

They must be 16 years old or higher, and they must have a parent’s supervision.

  • Are the areas within the SPA mixed?

They are not mixed; each genre has its space. The Serenity Lounge on the second floor is a mixed relaxation area, as well as our two pools.

  • What services does the SPA offer?

The spa offers, body treatments, massages, facials, manicure, pedicure, haircuts and dye services, and makeup.

  • What time is the last service in the SPA?

At 7:00 pm.

  • What time is the first?

You can schedule it from 8 am.

  • Is the use of the SPA included?

It is not included, you must book and check costs.

  • Are there couples massages?

Yes, we have a couple’s massages and body experiences. Any service is available as a couple with an additional cost for the use of the double cabin.

  • Can you give me information about the gym and yoga service?

The gym service is complimentary and the yoga service must be reserved in advance. We have a weekly activity calendar with classes taught per day.


  • Do you sell swimwear?

No, but you can find them in our Fairmont Boutique.

  • Where is the other boutique?

On the ground floor, next to the entrance of the El Puerto restaurant.

  • Do you sell medicine?


  • Where is the bathroom?

In each pool area, there are toilets.

  • Do you handle sunscreens and personal hygiene products?


  • Are the prices in dollars?

Prices are listed in local currencies. However, you might have some price lists in USD for international reference.

  • What aroma is there in the SPA?

It is a coconut with orange.

  • Do you have hypoallergenic products?


  • Are the products handled local products?

We have local and international products.

  • Are the products used in the treatments the same as those in the boutique?



  • How long is the laundry service?

12 hours.

  • Is it only an ironing service?


  • What is the price of baby clothes?

You should consult with our staff.

  • How long does the service take?

12 hrs.

  • Is the express service available?

Yes for an additional cost.

  • Can I rent the Fairmont Fit?

Our Fairmont Fit program no longer exists, but we can gladly provide you with what you need for exercise.

  • Is dry cleaning available?


  • Is there an iron that you can lend me?

In each room has an iron and an ironing stand inside the closet that you can use.


  • Where is the cashier?

Next to the front desk, you will find the cashier.

  • Is there a dollar ATM?

Yes, in El Pueblito.

  • Where can I change money?

At the front desk, all common currencies are exchanged, except for American dollars.

  • Where can I buy cigarettes?

In the boutique, you can buy cigarettes and in the lobby you can buy cigars.

  • Can I stay in my room after check out?

Late check out is available and it has an extra cost (upon availability).

  • Can I see my account?

Yes, through the TV system in each room and dialing “0”.

  • Can you explain these charges to me?

Just dial “0”.

  • Can I use the resort credit for what I want?

Yes, inside Fairmont Mayakoba.

  • If I do not use the credit, can it be cancelled or refunded on my card?

Unused credit is canceled and not refundable.

  • Can I pay with my ALL points?

Yes, check current promotions before your arrival.

  • Does this stay generate loyalty points?

Yes, if you are a member of ALL Program and ALL program points will be added to your account at check out.

  • Can I have an extra bed at no cost?

Extra beds cost 50 usd per night plus tax.

  • Are upgrades available?

Yes, it depends on the season.

  • Can I bring my pet?

 Yes, the cost per pet is 25 USD per night plus taxes. The only authorized animals are cats and dogs.

  • Can I keep my pet in the hotel all the time?

Yes, the pet can only be in their room or terrace.

  • Do you accept dollars?

For payments no.

  • Can the account be settled in different forms of payment?

Yes, it is possible with different cards.

  • How much does the late check out cost?

100 -150 usd

  • Can you extend my meal plan?

Yes, you can check promotions in the season that you visit us.

  • At what time is the check out?

12:00 pm


  • How to make restaurant reservations?

Contacting concierge:

  • How to get to Tulum?

Contacting the concierge: will provide you with options and costs.

  • How much does a taxi cost to Playa del Carmen?

Contacting the concierge: will provide you with options and costs.

  • How to get to the beach?

From Cancun airport, you can take a taxi or direct transportation. Contact concierge will provide options and costs.

  • How to get around within the Mayakoba complex?

Transportation within the complex is free and can be taken at any time of the day.

  • What are the restaurants on the beachfront?

Brisas Coastal Grill and Bar.

  • Do you have an All Inclusive option?

Yes, we have different package options. Consult with reservations.

  • What are the fees for the golf course?

Check the current rates on our page or you can contact

  • What are the golf course hours?

Check current hours on our page or you can contact

  • How to make a reservation?

Check with

  • What is the exchange rate?

It depends on the season.

  • How is a birthday celebration done?

If you contact before your arrival, we can prepare something special for you.


  • What are the measures you are taking regarding the Covid?

Please visit our COVID section of our Blog.

  • How can I recover a lost target?

At Fairmont Mayakoba we have a lost and found department, please contact concierge.

  • Can you open the room for me?

It is necessary to request the service directly at Front Desk.

  • Do you have a medical service?

24 hours every day of the week.

  • Are there Paramedics?

We have a doctor 24 hours every day of the week.

  • Do you have wheelchairs?

Upon request with concierge.

  • Do you have access for the disabled?

Yes, we have, in all entrances and consumption centers.

  • Do you have rooms for disabled people?

We have eight rooms for disabled people

  • How is the security of the hotel? And in Playa del Carmen?

Hotel security is complete; we have the highest security protocols. The security in Playa del Carmen is adequate in tourist areas. (5th avenue)

  • What are the protocols for fires, hurricanes, meeting points, contact with the authorities?

We have protocols for each possible eventuality; concierge can share the description of each protocol.

  • Can you explain more about the fauna of the hotel?

We have more than 100 species of fauna in the hotel, mostly birds.

  • Do you have an emergency line?

Yes, available 24 hours every day.

  • What are the lifeguards’ hours?

Same hours when the pools and beach services are open, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

  • If a cell phone is lost in the canals, can it be recovered?

Yes, there is a recovery program of articles in “unconventional” situations.

  • What certifications does the Safety and Prevention team have?

Firefighting, communication and evaluation, water rescue, first aid, search and rescue, crisis management, hurricane and tsunami course, active shooter.

  • In case of an emergency and my relatives are in another hotel, how can I let them know?

The S&P Team has access to a mobile security application to contact other hotels.


  • Are the pools heated? How about the kids club?

There is no artificial heater in the pools, the Kids Club has a children’s pool next to the entrance, and it has a fun slide.

  • Does the All Inclusive package include WiFi?

All our guests have free use of high speed WiFi.

  • Do you have pools suitable for children, with games?

The Kids Club has a children’s pool next to the entrance, it also has a fun slide.

  • Do you have a diving school within the complex?

Our complex has snorkeling and diving classes, it is necessary to contact the Concierge to reserve your class.

  • Is the food included?

There are different meal plans within the hotel, contact concierge for more information.

  • Is the mini bar included in the Luxury package?

Yes, it is included.

  • From what age are people considered as adults?

From 18 years old.

  • How many a la carte and buffet restaurants do you have?

There are five a la carte restaurants from which only La Laguna offers buffet during breakfast, and Puerto restaurant (dinner restaurant) is seasonally opened with buffet breakfast.

  • Do you have any special details for couples going on their honeymoon, mothers day, among others?

Yes, we have different amenities to celebrate that special occasion, contact the concierge.

  • Is the resort facing the sea?


  • Do you have a kid’s club?


  • Does the Hotel have a nightclub?

No, we have a bar that plays live music and DJs on some occasions, check schedules and days with the concierge.

  • How far is it from the center?

We are 25 minutes from the Fairmont Mayakoba lobby.

  • Do you have a water sports service?

Yes, check with the concierge.

  • Do you have an airport-hotel transport service and vice versa?

It is not direct from the hotel, it is through a dealership that has offices within the hotel, you can book with a concierge.

  • What are transportation options are offered from Playa del Carmen to Cancun?

Transportation is offered through a dealership that has offices within the hotel, you can book through the concierge.

  • What does sea looks-like?

The Mexican Caribbean offers the most crystalline and turquoise blue water.

  • Is it safe to walk inside the complex?

Inside the Mayakoba complex it is safe to walk at any time of the day.

  • Do I need to bring a power converter to charge my electronic items?

It is recommended if you visit us outside the American continent, however our Concierge will be able to offer you some adapter options.

  • Are there mosquitoes in the hotel?

As in any destination where there is a tropical forest you will find biodiversity of animals and insects, in Fairmont Mayakoba, we spray mosquitoes twice a day.

  • What are the main places to visit in Riviera Maya?

Hallucinate with Chichen Itzá. Go scuba diving and delight yourself with its spectacular seabed. Dive into one of the cenotes of the Riviera Maya. Snorkel with Whale Sharks in Holbox. Do you like Fishing? Congratulations. The Riviera Maya is an ideal place for fishing. Go shopping on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen. Learn about the colonial legacy of the Riviera Maya. Kitesurf. Don’t miss a day at the beach in Playa del Secreto. Sunbathe on Playa Paraíso. The Mayan ruins of Cobá. Bathe and snorkel in Akumal. Explore the Sian Ka´an and Muyil Biosphere Reserve. Spend a day in one of its eco parks such as Xcaret or Xelha. Visit the Tulum ruins


  • Can I cancel my reservation at no cost?

If canceled a week before, no cost or a penalty is depending on the season, consult

  • If I book through a third party, can I cancel directly with the hotel?

It is necessary to cancel with the third party or with the previous agency.

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