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My Paw – rfect Trip to Fairmont Mayakoba

My Paw – rfect Trip to Fairmont Mayakoba

My name is Camila! I like to run, jump, and play! I love my human to throw me toys so I can run for them and bring them back! I just came back from a wonderful trip, and I was very excited; I think I’m still excited!

When my human asked me to get up in the car, I thought we were going to the park, but to my surprise, after a long way, we arrived at a huge place full of plants and flowers and many friendly humans!  We stayed in a place called “Casita.” This was my new temporary home. I found a bed for me and plates for my food; I was thrilled!

I did many things! Take a nap in the “Terraza” while my human read his favorite book. We went for a morning run on the Natural Trail… There are different routes, some longer than others are, and we saw birds, iguanas, and coatis… It was fun!

We take a private Birdwatching boat tour through the water canals. Did you know that Mayakoba has more than 300 different birds? Try the boat tour in the morning! You will see a lot of them!

We also ride a bike, well I was in the little basket as the copilot giving directions to my human, and we take a walk throughout the resort. Everybody is very friendly, and Fairmont Mayakoba is enormous! A doggy paradise!

This was my Paw – rfect trip!

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