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Raise your cup and get energized on National Coffee Day

Raise your cup and get energized on National Coffee Day

There’s nothing quite like a cup of freshly brewed coffee to kickstart your day, wake up your afternoon, or put a finishing touch to a great evening meal. Whether you prefer a strong espresso, smooth latte, or a great cup of house blend, coffee has become the world’s go-to beverage for those who want to get going. In fact, coffee is the most consumed beverage in North America with only water separating it from the number one spot.

The popularity of coffee is celebrated each year on what has become National Coffee Day. First celebrated in 2005 when the National Coffee Association decided to designate September 29th as a day to honor and celebrate the beverage that fuels our mornings and awakens our senses. However, the day wasn’t officially recognized as a national holiday until 2009 when the Southern Food and Beverage Museum in New Orleans proclaimed the day as National Coffee Day to promote the first-ever New Orleans Coffee Festival.

Coffee beans, from which coffee is produced, can trace their roots back centuries to forests on the Ethiopian plateau. There, legend has it that a local goat herder first stumbled upon the unique properties of these beans when he noticed how energized his herd would become when they ate what appeared to be berries from a particular type of tree. The intrigued goat herder took some of the berries to a monk who declared them to be the work of the devil. The monk threw them into a fire which released a wonderful aroma into the air. The berries were quickly raked from the fire, placed into a jug, and covered with hot water for preservation. The monks then went on to drink this aromatic concoction and as they say, the rest is history. Today Latin American countries and Brazil lead the way in global coffee production due to their ideal coffee-growing conditions, such as a good balance of sunshine and rain, high and humid temperatures, and rich soil. 

Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or someone who simply enjoys that morning cup, National Coffee Day is the perfect time to pay homage to this beloved beverage. Be sure to visit your local coffee shop where you’re likely to find special offers including free coffee, unique blends, and specialty coffee drinks. Of course, what would September be without one of the most popular new twists on coffee, the pumpkin spice latte! The drink that has become legend can be found throughout September in most national and local coffee shops. Made fresh by your favorite barista using a mix of traditional fall spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, the pumpkin spice latte has become the official drink of autumn while introducing yet another generation to their new favorite beverage.

At Fairmont Mayakoba, great coffee can be found virtually everywhere. Start your day with a freshly brewed pot delivered to your room or suite where you can enjoy a relaxing morning cup on your private balcony. Or sip a hot cup by visiting one of our restaurants for breakfast, including La Laguna where you’ll indulge in a wide variety of breakfast choices at our expansive buffet. For a more laid-back à-la-carte breakfast, served with sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea, try Brisas at the Maykana Beach Club. 

For speciality coffee drinks including espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, and macchiato, along with fresh baked goods and Mexican pastries served throughout the day, visit Café Maya, Fairmont’s exclusive coffee shop. 

Of course, you’ll also find great coffee and coffee-infused drinks on the menu at all of Fairmont’s restaurants and bars, including a fantastic espresso martini at the Martini Bar at Tauro, the resort’s upscale American-style steakhouse. No matter where you roam at Fairmont Mayakoba, you’ll never be far from an energizing cup of coffee or a speciality coffee drink to help you enjoy a great vacation or celebrate this most stimulating of holidays.

Consider a stay at Fairmont Mayakoba and join us in celebrating National Coffee Day. For more information and to book your getaway, visit

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