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Sargassum vs. Fairmont Mayakoba

Sargassum vs. Fairmont Mayakoba

Visiting the Mexican Caribbean is one of the trips that should be on your bucket list! The turquoise water, the sugary white beach, the tropical ambiance, and Mexico’s best hospitality service are unique!

For a couple of years now, one of our guests’ and tourists’ many worries is the sargassum situation, and we want to provide valuable information that will help when booking your next vacation!

First of all, what is the sargassum? It is a macro floating seaweed that, due to climate change, excessive fishing, and all the hazardous waste that reaches the sea, affects the Mexican Caribbean coasts. This species of algae undergoes an oxidation process in which the primary consequences are: the foul smell and the change of color in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. This phenomenon comes from the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean.

At Fairmont Mayakoba, our priority is the guest experience. Here are some actions that we are following in order to maintain our beach sargassum-free!

  • With the new eco-friendly Flexiprin beach guard barrier, Mayakoba raises the standards in sargassum recovery initiatives.
  • Resting at a considerable distance from the shore helps divert the sargassum to designated recollection posts.
  • Our team of experts has managed to achieve the minimum footprint keeping our amazing views of the Caribbean Sea.
  • We have a specific team that continuously clean the beach
  • We provide a daily beach report via Instagram for you to see the beach status

We know that happiness is a day at the beach! that’s why we work continuously to maintain our beautiful sugary white beach sargassum-free!

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