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Sweetest Day a Fun Holiday

Sweetest Day a Fun Holiday

Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day. It all sounds the same, right? But, to a surprise, they are not. While Valentine’s Day is all about giving roses and chocolates to your partner or lover, the Sweetest Day is about demonstrating to others that you care for them; they can be friends, family, neighbors, colleagues; by giving them candy.

Nowadays, and as history can tell, people are always going through their own personal issues, and a small gift could be a simple reminder that enriches their life. In fact, that is how it all started.

Back around 1921 (let’s remember that it was the Great Depression) a man called Herbert Birch Kingston from Cleveland, who worked in a candy company wanted to bring happiness to the neediest in society. So Herbert started distributing candies and small gifts to orphans or people confined in their homes in an act of love to others and our community.

This spirit of giving remains, and the Sweetest Day is an original American holiday that happens every third Saturday in October. In big cities in the Midwestern U.S. states like New York, this act of kindness is becoming more popular.

So let us spread happiness in people’s lives—everyone from family members to sweethearts and coworkers. A candy, cookie, cupcake, pastry, or any other sweet will do.

Get creative and spread love and kindness.

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