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Embellishment Process

Embellishment Process

We completed our embellishment and innovation journey and the areas renovated are listed below:

Common Areas

Motor Lobby
Kids Club Center Location
Kids Club Beach Location

Restaurants and Bars

Hix Lobby Bar & Lounge
Tauro Steakhouse
Maykana Beach Club (with 5 culinary experiences)
La Laguna Restaurant
Bassano Restaurant
La Cantina Bar
Café Maya

401 Rooms have been renovated.

Completed Projects

Three beach area pools

Location: Beach

Completed in 2021

Maykana Beach Club

Our most ambitious beach club is open.

It features:

  • GAIA : Sea Food Restaurant
  • BRISAS: Terraces with magnificent views of the Mexican Caribbean
  • FUEGO: A Rustic Grill
  • CIELO: Breathtaking rooftop
  • AQUA: Private cabanas with an infinity pool
  • CHAKA: Boutique

Completed August 2022

Location: Beach Area

La Laguna Restaurant and Main Pool

Inspired by our ancient culture, La Laguna will have a magnificent setting with a neutral atmosphere mixed with natural art, colorful fabrics, and a refreshing bar. The outside area encompasses romance in an ecofriendly environment overlooking the Mayakoba water canals.

Completed September 2022

Location: In the center of the hotel


Bassano is an Italian-stylish restaurant with a casual setting that serves homemade pizzas, exquisite meals, and wine.

“Trattoria word,” which first appeared in English in 1832, is one of several words that have entered our language to refer to a specialized eatery- in this case, one specializer in Italian cuisine.

Completed September 2022

Renovated Location: In front of La Laguna Pool (center location)

Hix-Bar, Lounge & Terrace

An airy, newly renovated lobby with a vast terrace gives patrons bird’s eye views of the dense mangrove forest, water canals, and wildlife of Mayakoba. The new design was inspired by the nature surrounding the property and the mangrove predominant of the area. “HIX” means jaguar in the Mayan language, and Jaguars are known for protection.

The jaguars are a vital component of the design with a dominant position in the center of the space and hand-painted with Huichol motifs in black and white. In addition, we incorporated the big lamps into the area serving as an Asian reminiscence. Guests will feel welcomed and impacted by a space that speaks of Mexico. The local natural woods and the curved shapes will bring them back to the mangrove roots inspiration

Completed in 2021

Renovated Location: In front of La Laguna Pool (center location)

Tauro Restaurant

Tauro is a fine dining steakhouse with a sophisticated atmosphere featuring Mexican ingredients with classic steakhouse techniques and recipes rooted in excellence and authenticity.

It sources the best cuts and vegetables, elevating them with well-seasoned and intensely flavored sauces. Tauro features an in-house dry-aging program, raw bar, prime cuts, as well as a 2-course all-inclusive menu option.

Completed in 2021

Renovated Location: In front of La Laguna Pool (center location)


An open space with a welcoming area

Completed in 2021

Motor Lobby

The first impression on newly arrived guests is our utmost priority. From the moment you arrive at Mayakoba, you will feel a sense of belonging and connect with nature. Our renovated entrance and reception areas are an appropriately resplendent space worthy of the Mayan Heritage we carry around the property.

Completed in 2021

Café Maya

Textures, shadows, wooden boxes, and stone plinth are present at Cafe Maya, a coffee shop where you can delight Italian expressos, snacks, and traditional bread.

Completed in October 2022

Location: In front of la Isla Lawn (center location)

Kids Club

We designed the kids club with a wealth of fun. Colors, textures, and various activities will be available for unforgettable moments.

Completed December 2022

Location: Next to Bassano and beach area

Beach Kids Club

A beach kids club is the perfect playground.

Completed December 2022

Location: Next to Bassano and beach area

Rooms Refurbishment

401 Rooms fully renovated

Signature Casita

Take a look how it looks now

Beach Area Casita Suite

Vea como se ven ahora

2023 Renovation Projects

Spa and Fitness Area

The spa is a one-of-a-kind sanctuary designed and integrated into complete harmony with Riviera Maya for an ultimate luxury spa experience.

The new salon will become the largest one in Mayakoba. The spa will feature all-new furniture, a brand-new front desk, state-of-the-art massage beds, and a botanical garden that will allow guests to choose their own herbs for their treatments while learning about the benefits to their bodies. In addition, the fitness center will feature all new equipment by Technogym, including rowing machines and infinite staircases. At the same time, the Serenity Room will include a juice bar, lounge, and networking areas for guests to destress.

Renovation Dates: May 15, 2023 – December 2023

Current Location: Next to the main building

Meetings & Conventions Areas

the transformed meeting and convention spaces will provide a brand-new look and feel featuring local woods and sophisticated lighting.

Renovation Dates: End of June – December 2023

Current Location: Main building


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