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The legend of Chechén & Chakáh

The legend of Chechén & Chakáh

There is a legend of two of our endemic trees common in the region, “Chechén and Chakáh” in the Mayan culture.

Kinich and Tizic were two brave brother warriors, but of opposite personalities. Kinich was a kind and respected young man for his people. Instead, his older brother Tizic was a person of cold heart and with an angry character.

One day they both met Nicté Há, a beautiful and pure-hearted young woman who conquered these warriors. The two brothers fell head over heels in love with the same woman. So Tizic challenged Kinich to a duel for the love of the beautiful maiden.

The gods were so angry at seeing this situation that they covered the sky with black clouds, and even the moon was hidden during the entire battle. Unfortunately, the duel had a tragic ending, and both brothers ended up dead in each other’s arms. Upon reaching the different worlds, they begged the gods for forgiveness, both asking to see their beloved Nicté Há again, and this is how Tizic was reborn as a Chechen tree, which would secrete poison within its branches and burn anyone who comes near. Kinich, on the other hand, was reborn as a Chacá tree. Whose sap would cure all the toxicity of Chechén?

Nicté Há died of sadness upon learning of the tragic story of the warrior brothers. Upon reaching the other world, the gods were kind to her. They were allowing you to be reborn on land as a beautiful white flower near water, better known as a lily.

At Fairmont Mayakoba, you can discover these beautiful trees throughout our Natural Trail.

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