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Top 11 Reasons Why Fairmont Mayakoba was Voted One of the Best Resorts in Mexico

Top 11 Reasons Why Fairmont Mayakoba was Voted One of the Best Resorts in Mexico

Mexico; an exquisite nation with beautiful sights, relaxing beaches and rich culture. It’s worldly renowned as one of the best vacation spots on the planet, perfect to escape one’s day to day life and rewind. However, what makes Mexico so great is not only its diverse nature and culture, but the resorts which bring out all of the country’s best.

Since 2006, Fairmont Mayakoba has graciously combined the culture, nature, and fun that make Mexico the amazing country it is by creating a luxurious and inclusive resort, perfect for any vacation. And, as of 2022, Fairmont Mayakoba has been voted by Travel + Leisure’s millions of readers as the eleventh best resort in all of Mexico (read full article here).

In the honor of this great accomplishment, we have compiled a list of the 11 reasons why we believe that people think so highly of our hotel:

11. Architecture

Being one of the classical forms of fine art, a resort’s architecture has tremendous potential to guide one’s mood on their vacation. So, from the moment you enter the hotel, you are greeted with creative sights and magnificent structures. Every building, room, and restaurant is well-thought-out and perfectly planned in order to give the desired feeling of luxury and tranquility. Especially with our newly renovated beach club and pool area, there won’t be a moment in which the structures of the hotel do not radiate peace and elegance. In this way, the resort’s innovative architecture is one of its greatest attributes.

10. Ambiance

When all the elements of the hotel come together, an incredible ambiance is created. This feeling of beauty and lavishness is one of the best attributes our hotel has to offer. Sight, smell, touch and hearing are all perfectly stimulated by the atmosphere the hotel provides. The feeling of having a drink by the lobby upon arrival, or relaxing by the pools and beach, is without a doubt what makes our hotel unique and irresistible. The perfect ambiance at Fairmont Mayakoba is truly one of a kind.

9. Drinks!

Elevate your drinking by trying some of the many creative and delicious drinks we have to offer. Our first class bartenders have refined our menu and created an array of satisfying, luxurious and delicious drinks, fit for any pallet. Enjoy them in one of our extravagant restaurants, our bar located within a pool, or, a perfectly cool drink by the beach. And, of course, a Mexican resort wouldn’t be a Mexican resort without tequila. That’s why we have an incredible selection of this drink. Check out our tequila blog to learn more. Any kind of drink you are craving, we’ve got it.

8. Restaurants

Undoubtedly, one of the best things about going on vacation is getting to try a multitude of different types of mouthwatering cuisine. And although Fairmont has delicious dishes all around (we’ll get to that later), fine dining is not just about the food on your plate, but about where you eat it. With our wide range of restaurants, you will never get bored of our options; from a more casual beach club, to a romantic dinner by the lagoon or a fancy fine dining experience, there is something lush and inviting for everyone. More than just a chance to delicious food, dining at Fairmont Mayakoba is an unforgettable experience.

7. Pools and the Beach

Evidently, one comes to Mexico for the water. Our beautiful beach is regularly cleaned in order to provide the perfect white sand and the deepest blue ocean. In addition, Fairmont has an amazon selection of pools to swim and relax in. A bar inside a pool, an adults pool, a water slide, infinity pools; anything you could want when it comes to swimming, we have. Some rooms even benefit from having their own private swimming area. If you came to Mexico to bathe in extravagant, peaceful and gorgeous waters, then our hotel is the perfect choice.

6. Activities

The fun never stops at Fairmont Mayakoba! Our complimentary activities are appealing to all. On the more sportive side, our water sports are the perfect pass time. Paddle boarding, kayaking, boat tours and snorkeling are readily available and make for great ways to enjoy the ocean. Or, a mesmerizing boat tour of the laguna makes for the perfect activity for nature lovers. This is just a short summary of what we have, but you can also take bike rides along hidden pathways, golf to your heart’s content, take long walks on the beach or play video games at the kid’s club. So, whether you just want to relax a bit or you want to try fun and innovative activities, Fairmont Mayakoba has it all.

5. Cultural Immersion

Without a doubt, Mexico is overflowing with culture. Modern Mexican culture is a rich mix between Indigenous and European cultures. And, Fairmont Mayakoba formidably showcases such a deep and beautiful culture. Whether it be by visiting El Pueblito, a traditional Mexican town square, or by trying one of the many Mexican dishes found in our restaurant, there are no shortages of ways to experience Mexican culture at Fairmont. And, of course, our shops have a wide array of Mexican products, ranging from small Mexican trinkets to glamorous clothing and accessories sold by Mexican brands; you can bring back a part of Mexico with you.

4. Nature

Fairmont Mayakoba is committed to preserving nature. In fact, the hotel has completely incorporated the natural world into its design. From the moment you enter the hotel, you are surrounded by a seemingly magical tropical forest. By walking down our nature trails, you can experience first hand the beautiful flora and fauna native to the region. Or, by partaking in a snorkeling tour, you can admire the reefs we revived a few years ago, and all the amazing animals that make them their home. Nature is an instrumental part of the hotel’s design, and it is unquestionably one of the things that make our hotel so special.

3. Food

Of course, this list would not be complete without the mention of food. Our numerous restaurants serve a large variety of delectable dishes. First class chefs have innovated creative and flavorful meals, fit for any pallet. One can try typical Mexican dishes to widen their pallet. Or, there is also the option of sticking to the basics like burgers and pizza, which have been elevated by our chefs. There is also the option to try new fine cuisine, which can only be found in our restaurants. In addition, we have vegetarian friendly menus, so everybody can enjoy meals at Fairmont Mayakoba.

2. Rooms

The heart of any hotel is its rooms. And one of the best things about Fairmont is its luxurious and inviting residences. Grand bathrooms, comfortable beds, balconies with amazing views; Fairmont’s bedrooms are incomparable. Nothing beats coming back from a long day at the beach and finding comfort in your gorgeous, relaxing and lavish bedroom. And, nothing beats waking up to the tranquility and the beauty of a Fairmont Mayakoba bedroom.

1. Heartists

And finally, the number one reason we believe that Fairmont was voted one of the best resorts in Mexico is because of our incredible staff. We are proud to say we have one of the most dedicated and friendly workforce in all of Mexico. Even with the perfect installations and food, the hotel would not be complete without its hard working staff. Interacting with them is truly what completes the Fairmont experience. Nothing makes you feel more at home than being greeted and treated like royalty by our loyal employees. They are kind people who truly represent the values Fairmont stands for. We are proud to have such people working here and without them, Fairmont could not have reached such heights.

Would you like to see for yourself why Fairmont Mayakoba was voted one of the best hotels in Mexico ?

By Gaelle Paquet

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