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Top family activities in nature

Top family activities in nature

The Beach

There is an incredible variety of activities to do with the family on the beach, from the classic and fun sandcastles, where we can let our imagination run wild, create animals or even transform ourselves into mythical creatures, sculpting our costumes, to just going and bathing on the beach enjoying with the family, swimming and laughing.

In case that we want more adventure, we have more activities like Kayaks, Catamaran, Paddle Boards, Snorkel, Kite Surf, or Windsurf. At the same time, we can enjoy the delicious Sea Breeze and take advantage of it to fly a kite with the family’s little ones! It is a fun way to keep the little ones entertained and strengthen family ties

We have options for the whole family!

Sandcastle on the beach

The Nature Trail

Going through a natural environment is an adventure for the little ones!

There are many paths in the complex for this type of activity, long ways to short and simple ones; there is no problem choosing one that suits each family member!

Similarly, another incredible way to travel the trails is on bicycles, nothing better than going to the beach cycling through the mangroves.


The Boat Tour

Navigate beautiful canals through the jungle and mangroves. It is an incredible activity where the whole family can enjoy the wonderful view. In the same way, you can find different species of birds, reptiles and mammals! A captain will be in charge of accompanying them and will be able to show them the most incredible points of the canals. Ideal for the whole family!

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