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Top Incentive hotels in Latin America

Top Incentive hotels in Latin America

Believing is achieving.
Already top 25 Meeting hotels in Latin America.

We are already in the top hotels for meetings and that is thanks to our passion for detail and our great versatility to our so changing market and different guest needs. We worked hard for it, we got the tech to support this but more importantly, a fully motivated heartists (colleagues) looking for the top.

How far to the top?

We want you to decide whether we should be at the top or if there is more to do to achieve it. In the end, we have always appreciated your opinion, and it is thanks to you that we stand strong today.

First things first, why should companies promote incentive travel?

How many times have you had to reset your computer because of lagging problems and unresponsive? Pretty sure you have lost count. The same happens with our brains… If we don’t allow our brain to rest and constantly think about work, performance will be affected. Of course, the human brain is more complex than that, but it is a great way to reset it by incentive travel. It will boost employee productivity, morale, and loyalty.

And that is when we are the best solution for you since we will disconnect you from everything, and the only thing your brain will be thinking will be: “what is the next activity?”. Because we have a wide variety of activities, you will need a lifetime to complete them all since we are constantly adding more. It is better to keep being a top performer if you want to keep coming to your second home, Fairmont Mayakoba!

Like we mentioned before, versatility is essential, and we love to say it regularly because we have done it right!

Because we have so many outdoor locations to choose from, every event will feel different, fresh, and exciting.

Our beach in the fine white dunes, the adult pool surrounded by the water canal, and mangroves can be set up for a contemporary, luxury style.

La Isla Lawn for those big capacity events can be set up for casual up to those iconic awards night, our Terraza lawn for those cocktail receptions before entering the gala dinner at our biggest ballroom, from previously up to 1,000 attendees to 400 thanks to the safety distancing we put in place to address the covid situation. Lastly, El Pueblito, for those theme parties, will have you transported to an authentic Mexican plaza. A great recommendation that will not fail is to set it up as a Kermes, add a mariachi band and folklore dancers at the plaza’s center.

More than just epic events

Adding to the casual up-to-gala dinners, we wanted to go beyond that and offer you a complete package. Hence, we have integrated a wide range of activities whether you are looking for team building, driving business relationships, or like we mentioned before, loyalty or employee retention. We also know, every person is different, and you might be looking for relaxation or nightlife, immersive adventure, or sophistication. Rest assured, we got all of that and more. The best part of all, you don’t even have to leave the premises to do so. But in case you do, because you are interested in knowing the Mayan culture, we have an onsite team of experts, Maritur, that can arrange from transportation to whole excursions to explore the city. Here we have listed 3 top activities for you to choose from:

El Camaleón

El Camaleon Golf course is a casual spot for many and an inspiring place for others.

Here, 132 professionals compete in the annual PGA tournament. No wonder why this was the first PGA Tour in all Latin America as it blends through the diverse ecosystem, the oceanfront, freshwater canals, dense jungle, and large canal of mangroves home for more than 50 bird species. On top of that, unique hazards to add the fun and challenge, such as a cenote.

Can you start seeing the incentive trip being here? Just know this, you can arrange for your tournament here and show off your skills to your peers.

Volleyball or Soccer tournament

Yes, as simple as it sounds, we are proud to have one of the largest beaches in the entire destination. And we have a private place for your trip to make this tournament happen.

Just make sure your goalkeeper does not glance to the pristine turquoise waters too often. Glance at them every once and then, I know, could you blame them though?

Coral Reforestation program

Is CSR important to you and the company you work for? It is to us as well! Ask for our Planet 21 initiatives, and you will see how committed we are. This program must be one of my favorites; I even asked to do the activity before doing this blog to have some captivating pictures to share and be part of it.

We have the 2nd largest coral reef globally, and it is a 2-3 minutes ride by boat.

We are doing our best to protect it and make it bigger as it attracts more sea life, produces more oxygen than trees, removes wastes, and provides shelter to our friendly fish. Talking about team building, this is a great example of that; different teams will contribute differently, and every procedure is important for this cause. You don’t swim and are seasick? No need to worry; you can help shape the cement base, put your name on it, and add the PVC cap where the coral will then be attached. Not the best swimmer in the world? No worries, be on the boat and help our professionals attached the corals to the PVC structure. Then, snorkel and find the cement bases the previous teamwork to mold. Lastly, are you the adventurer that can swim well, dive well, even PADI certified for scuba diving? This activity is a piece of cake for you but remember, we are here to contribute to planet earth and have some fun in the process. You will be in charge of taking the PVC structure with the coral inserted already to it and get to the cement bases at the bottom of the ocean. The depth is normally 3 meters, and the hard part is to screw the PVC structure to the cap installed in the cement base. Once it is tight and secure, repeat the process until you have planted as many as you can. Congrats, you are now part of the Fairmont family, and we consider you caretakers of the planet.

Finishing up

We would love to host your incentive trip, and we hope we have provided some useful information to make it easy to choose from. What do you think? What other things would you have liked to see here? Please contact our experts to share with you how much more we have to offer.

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