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Travel Close to Home for Fall Holidays

Travel Close to Home for Fall Holidays

Arguably, some of the most loved holidays throughout the year are just around the corner, and what better way to escape this fall with your loved ones to a destination close to home that will make you rediscover nature and true luxury. Since opening the doors of our beautiful property, more than 14 years ago, Fairmont Mayakoba has set the stage for thousands of unforgettable family gatherings and celebrations. Home to five ecosystems – tropical forest, mangrove, coastal dune, navigable water canals, and the Mesoamerican Reef – Fairmont Mayakoba is a paradise for those who seek to escape and be grateful along with family and loved ones.

As we navigate through this unprecedented moment in our history, this means ensuring that you are safe when you gather in Fairmont Mayakoba for Thanksgiving or any other holiday.

Dine and savor in the most traditional yet fun way in the Riviera Maya and discover true culinary delicacies. From our Tuscan Roasted Turkey Special to a Caribbean Beach Thanksgiving dinner, at Fairmont Mayakoba, we are excited to bring joy and memorable moments during your holidays. That is why you will find activities and wellness moments for all ages so that traveling close to home has become the best idea.

Pamper yourself with our seasonal spa treatments or discover our coral reef restoration program and wrap up the day with a true Mexican Fiesta. At Fairmont Mayakoba, where discovery comes naturally, we assure you that you will reconnect with yourself while being surrounded by a lush ecosystem, unique to the Riviera Maya and the world.

Learn more about our seasonal activities and Thanksgiving or visit where you can discover great offers and packages.

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