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Travel Trends 2023 – What’s hot in the New Year

Travel Trends 2023 – What’s hot in the New Year

With the global pandemic seemingly in our rear-view mirror, in 2023 travelers are expected to make-up for lost time by venturing further afield while seeking more enriching life experiences. Despite inflation as well as operational and staffing issues that have plagued airlines last year, travel in 2023 is expected to meet or exceed 2019 levels. Here are some travel trends that you can expect to see in this new year.

Luxury travel is here to stay

Luxury travel has been trending for years, but the pace is certain to pick-up in 2023. Luxury hotel brands are taking to the seas with magnificent super-yacht vessels, resorts are enhancing their facilities and services to lure high-end guests and airlines are taking their premium cabins to a new level of comfort and style. Look for more premium hotel accommodations and amenities, more glamping and eco-resorts, luxury home and car rentals, expedition and yacht cruises, first-class train travel, luxury safaris, and exclusive cultural experiences. For those that can afford it, there will be no shortage indulgent luxury travel experiences to choose from in 2023.

Unique culinary experiences

More than ever, intrepid travelers will be looking to immerse themselves into the culture of the destinations they visit. One of the best ways to do this is through the local cuisine. From craft beer trails through the southern states and agave tastings at local Mexico farms, to imaginative hotel chefs creating exciting dishes based on local seafood and farm-fresh ingredients, dining will continue to be an essential element in the overall travel experience. In fact, food tours will be popping up in destinations around the world. Escorted tour operators are also including more unique local food experiences in most of their itineraries.

The year of the digital nomad

With remote work becoming the norm in many industries, the lines between work-at-home and traveling have become blurred. More remote workers will take what’s become known as “hush” trips. Such trips, usually unbeknownst to employers, will find remote workers taking longer and more frequent trips, often weeks at a time. Taking advantage of time-zone fluid work hours, these digital nomads are likely to use a vacation rental or take advantage of extended stay rates now offered by many hotels and resorts in both city and leisure destinations. 

The influence of social media

As destinations, hotels, and travel providers put more resources into social media and influencers, social posts are more likely to whet the appetite of travelers and alert them to the hazards. Seeing ourselves and sharing our experiences on social media is now an essential part of the overall travel experience. Social media will continue play a vital role in how destinations, travel suppliers, and travelers share their own travel stories, both positive and negative. Following your favorite destinations, hotels or cruise lines on social media is also a great way to learn about special offers, events, and promotions.

More travelers are likely to use a travel agency

Travelers in 2023, especially those traveling to more exotic international destinations, are more likely to use the services of a professional travel advisor for booking trips. Travelers will seek more personal advice about the options that may be available to make the most of their travel experiences and protect their travel investment. By leveraging first-hand experience and tapping into resources uniquely available to travel agencies, agents can provide great value and security. While some agencies change a small fee for their services, most work on commission and almost all agents deliver the same prices, or even better prices, than booking direct or through an online site.

TV tourism

Another new travel trend to look for this year is visiting the filming sites of a favorite TV program or movie. Fueled by pandemic binge-watching, more travelers are including the places made popular on TV and film into their travel plans and their social media posts. For example, in New York City iconic sites from Seinfeld, Sex and the City, and Spiderman are all popular. In neighboring New Jersey, no visit would be complete without a stop at sights from the Sopranos or a visit to The Watcher house. Or journey to Northern Ireland and visit the majestic sites where Game of Thrones was created. If England is in your travel plans visit Hampshire and tour the 200-room castle used as the backdrop for Downton Abby.

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