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Trends for your wedding in 2022 !

Trends for your wedding in 2022 !

Summer is coming; it’s time to take out our best dresses, our best shorts and enjoy the sun, weekends at the beach but also for some to celebrate their wedding!

Postponed, canceled, digitized, or restricted to a handful of guests: the Covid-19 version of the wedding has been constantly abused by the different waves of contamination and other distancing measures.

After two years of constraints and, above all, challenges, couples finally have the desire to celebrate the return to everyday life and want to take advantage of it to celebrate their love. XXL fancy dress parties, long weekend activities, and casual wedding attire, we have unearthed the wedding trends for 2022 that you should not miss.

It’s time to make your union a sacred memory in your image!

Let’s talk about color!

Each year, Pantone releases a color that it has chosen to represent the coming year. The color chosen for 2022 is Very Peri! Pantone invites us to discover a new vision of the color blue, a color 2022 that could be described as dark lavender, and we give you some examples to incorporate into your wedding decoration.

 The Very Peri color is vibrant and subtle enough to be easily associated with your wedding attire. Consider blue-purple shoes, a headband or other hair jewelry, or even a belt with a wedding gown. You can also use the bouquet to support the Pantone 2022 color. The Very Peri color will look great as a tie or bow tie, a clutch, or even socks with a wedding suit.

Very Peri has a strong enough personality for decoration to be used as a single color, such as a blue-purple fabric table runner on reception tables. You can also experiment with the entire blue-purple color palette, such as combining Very Peri with lavender, pitch blue, wisteria, bright purple, and lupine.

A tropical chic-themed wedding?

The exotic theme is a fantastic way to surprise your guests and create lasting memories.

To use it, we recommend betting on tropical foliage, which will allow you to recreate a lush jungle in your reception area. These are also weddings with vibrant decorations: choose beautiful exotic flowers like the orchid or anthurium. Consider using natural accessories and furniture, preferably rattan, to create the atmosphere of the Pacific islands.

To create an exceptional decor, all of its elements must be coordinated. The bride and groom, witnesses, and even guests can all wear exotic outfits and accessories… Guaranteed scenery!

Using light bulbs or light filters, multiply the sources of multicolored light. You can mix several bright colors! Everything should be very warm.

Choose warm colors such as red, orange, yellow, and green, which evoke the lush vegetation of the jungle. You can experiment with color transparency to create beautiful light plays.

Exotic plant patterns should be used and abused! Anthuriums, Monstera leaves, Orchids, Frangipani flowers…You are spoiled for choice when it comes to decorating.

A desire to travel?

After months of confinements and sanitary restrictions, the desire to travel is more and more felt, including at weddings.

Some brides and grooms do not hesitate to fly to the tropics to celebrate their union. But, on the other hand, for those who do not leave, the spirit of travel is still present through the decoration or the announcements. Weddings for a weekend, sometimes for a week, abroad, in the region next door, the trend is for freedom and decompression.

Big party?

Even if some people keep and prefer more intimate weddings, after two years of health crisis and gathering in small committees, the big parties are back! Indeed, after a while of not being able to party, many are craving a dazzling and unique wedding.

What can you expect? Large floral installations and focal points are more significant and extravagant design elements than ever before.


It’s nice to see that sustainable weddings are on the rise. Some are starting to incorporate sustainable elements into their weddings by selecting vendors with greener production, choosing a plastic-free caterer, using online invitations and save-the-dates, and recycling and donating flowers after their special day. In addition, more and more couples are looking for more vegan options, and some prefer an all-vegan menu, which is another way to green your wedding.

Today, we are all looking to contribute a “grain of sand” to preserving the ecosystem. There are no small gestures that are good for nature!

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