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Turtle Nesting Season at Fairmont Mayakoba

Turtle Nesting Season at Fairmont Mayakoba

Did you know Sea Turtles have an excellent sense of direction? They can detect the Earth’s magnetic field and they use it as a compass.

Mexico is the country with the highest number of sea turtle species in the world. 7 of the 8 species that exist in the world nest on Mexican beaches, on the Pacific coast as in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. In Mexico, its conservation is considered a priority. Disturbing or damaging a hatchling adult turtle or its nests is a crime.

At Fairmont Mayakoba we proudly receive 4 of the 7 species that nest in Mexico, the Leatherback, Green, Hawksbill, and Loggerhead. The Mayakoba Turtle Camp is a member of the Local Committee for Sea Turtles and the State Committee for the Conservation and Management of Sea Turtles in Quintana Roo. After 11 years of having authorizations by the General Directorate of Wildlife of SEMARNAT, the activities carried out in the Mayakoba camp have been important props for the conservation of the 4 species that arrive on the beaches of Quintana Roo and Mexico.

Until 2019 almost 7,000 visitors and workers accompanied us to release 25,079 sea turtles of 4 species born in the Mayakoba turtle camp. Located near Fairmont’s beach restaurant, Brisas, guests can learn more and participate in this unique program.

Nesting season takes place between April – October, then incubation takes around 45 to 60 days where once ready, our biologist Hugo Rivas prepares the nests for release.

Only the females go up to dry land to lay their eggs in a nest by digging a hole in the sand. Depending on the species in question, they can spawn 4 to 8 times per season. The turtles arrive to lay their eggs on the beach where they were born in biannual cycles (every 2 years).

While staying with us, make sure to join the activities of the Mayakoba Turtle Camp and learn how to support the sea turtles conservation.

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