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Unique Treatments That Will Connect You With The Mayan Culture

Unique Treatments That Will Connect You With The Mayan Culture

Within the exotic Mayan jungle there is a place surrounded by great biodiversity, freshwater canals, white sand and luxury. Fairmont Mayakoba is a 5-diamond hotel that is located in the Riviera Maya just 10 minutes from Playa del Carmen where we assure you that you will discover something that is unique in Mexico and in the world.

In this paradise you will find the ideal place for all those who seek to welcome a new beginning. Willow Stream Spa, inside Fairmont Mayakoba, will make you connect with nature and the fascinating Mayan culture.

Who can resist relaxing treatments and unique experiences from Mayan traditions? At Willow Stream Spa, they include the use of local herbs, essential oils, and extracts from the region. We share some of the most representative treatments of this place:

Cha Chac Rain Ritual

Undoubtedly one of the most requested, this treatment is based on the Mayan rain ritual. In the Mayan language, cha means “to let go” and Chac, the god of rain, is one of the most important gods in Mayan history. In this ritual you will experience and leave the outside world behind. This experience begins with a traditional Mayan blessing and burning of copal incense. As you relax on the rain table, a healing body mask of corn kernels, clay and oats is applied. Then your skin is exfoliated, followed by a shower of warm water, where finally a soothing massage with sage oil will relax all your senses.

Chocolate, Food of the Gods

For chocolate lovers, the delicious Food of the Gods treatment will leave your skin soft and scented with cocoa. Chocolate (ka’kaw) was sacred in pre-Hispanic Mexico, considered edible gold and offered as a tribute to the gods. Today we recognize its high levels of antioxidants and know of its ability to nourish the body inside and out. This experience includes a cocoa body wrap, a scalp massage, and an application of pure coconut oil and rose essence. Your skin will be soft and with an exquisite scent.

Copal Mayan Purification

The Mayans believed that copal was the means of communication within the underworld and it is through its smoke that they purified and empowered themselves. Traditional energy cleanse with herbs and copal is the beginning of the journey of discovery and balance. First, the body is cleansed with our Mayan clay used to enhance detoxification, followed by a deeply relaxing massage to activate body circulation. The treatment ends with the intention of reconnecting with life throughout an affirmation of the day.

Did you know that endemic “Melipona” bees are grown at Willow Stream Spa, producing a type of honey known for its medicinal purposes? These bees are native to the Yucatan and do not have a stinger. In addition to incorporating honey in recipes, it is also used in our Spa treatments.

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