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Wellness Month at Fairmont Mayakoba

Wellness Month at Fairmont Mayakoba

Society has finally come to understand the importance of wellness. In order to live a happy, fulfilling, and productive lifestyle, it is necessary to take care of ourselves. This involves caring for not only our bodies, but for our minds and souls alike.

A vacation can be recreational, but it can also be healing and contribute to one’s personal wellbeing. In honor of wellness month, here is a list of activities available at Fairmont Mayakoba that promote wellness:

Yoga: An ancient Indian art, yoga has incredible healing powers. By engaging in this activity, you can learn to destress and reduce negative emotions. Although you can easily practice yoga in your room or by the beach, Fairmont Mayakoba also offers yoga classes. In addition to helping your mind, yoga is an excellent form of exercise.

Meditation: A great way to get in touch with yourself and practice mindfulness is through meditation. Here, one relaxes their body and mind in order to achieve a calm and stable state. Although meditation can be practiced in all places, nothing beats a meditation session next to the calming sound of the waves.

Gym: Wellness can be emotional, but also physical. Fairmont Mayakoba has a great gym that is open to use. It is located inside Willow Stream Spa and has access to high end equipment.

Sports: Fairmont Mayakoba offers a wide array of sportive activities to promote an active and fun lifestyle. For instance, beach volleyball is a fun team sport that can be played by the beach. Our resort also offers tennis lessons. And, If getting out of your comfort zone is what wellness means to you, then you should try Mayakoba’s archery classes, where a professional will give you a lesson on how to wield a bow and arrow.

Water activities: There are a multitude of water sports available to try at Fairmont, most of which are complimentary. We have readily available paddle boards and kayaks. You can also go snorkeling and experience the beauty of the coral reefs. We also have scuba diving lessons and water bikes. So, you can enjoy the beautiful sea while clearing your mind and exercising your body.

Cooking classes: Taking cooking classes might seem to some as an unorthodox way of practicing wellness. But, in fact, knowing how to cook healthy and fulfilling meals constitutes an enormous part of wellness. At El Pueblito cooking school, you can learn how to cook delicious and healthy food. And, you can take this skill back with you to continue practicing wellness even once your vacation is over.

Natural connection: Many studies have shown that being close to nature can offer a person a more fulfilling and complete life, as well as help improve their mental health. Fortunately, Mayakoba is overflowing with nature and ways to connect to it. You can take a boat tour of the lagoon, or go biking across nature trails. In fact, all you need to do is peek out your bedroom window to get a taste of nature!

Spa: Of course, this list could not be complete without mentioning our massages. Willow Stream Spa offers a wide array of spiritual and healing treatments. Not only do they allow you to free your mind, but they also do wonders on stressed bodies. Our massages really are beyond comparison. Check out the full list of treatments here.

Even though doing a few activities on this list can have positive effects on wellness, wellness month is also about creating better habits that will stick with you for life. Luckily, there is no easier way of starting to build a new version of yourself than going on a wellness retreat at a five star hotel. Leave Fairmont Mayakoba feeling like a new version of yourself, healthier and happier than ever before.

Do you want to practice wellness at Fairmont Mayakoba?

By: Gaelle Paquet

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