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What to have in your Summer Bag !

What to have in your Summer Bag !

Summer is coming! Thirty degrees, fine sand, a light warm breeze, and the sound of the waves; we say yes to vacations and beach days!

But don’t forget to pack some essentials in your bag if you want to have a trouble-free dream day.

It’s inconvenient to arrive at the beach without your anti-UV cream or sunglasses, and we’ve all done it. So consider making a small list of your favorite accessories and essentials to ensure a peaceful day.

Accessories not to forget!

  • Sunglasses, choose the pair that will accompany you this summer, and that will protect you against the UV of the sun
  • A covering hat, a great fashion accessory, prevents sunstroke and headaches due to the heat!
  • A beach towel essential to lie comfortably on the hot sand
  • A pair of flip-flops, no need for a pair of warm and covering sneakers for the beach; flip-flops are more than enough!
  • A scrunchie or headband, if you don’t want to get your hair wet or if you are too hot
  • A plastic bag for your wet things, so you don’t soak what’s in your bag

Think about your skin!

  • A moisturizing face and body cream is useful to prepare your skin for exposure to the sun
  • A sun cream adapted to your skin to protect it from the sun, which can cause damage if you do not shield yourself
  • An after-sun gel to soothe your skin after exposure to the sun

Activity to relax :

  • Bring your headphones or e-reader to listen to music and relax
  • A book and some snowshoes to entertain you and change your mind
  • Feeling hungry? Feel free to bring something to snack on

If you are traveling with children:

  • A sunscreen stick for children, it is recommended by dermatologists, and it is water-resistant
  • Sunglasses for your children to protect their fragile eyes
  • A bottle of water always essential to stay well hydrated at the beach
  • Toys, a bucket, and a shovel for their great sandcastle construction

We hope that this reminder has helped you and that you will be able to enjoy the beach afternoons with peace of mind!

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