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Why is pink month so important?

Why is pink month so important?

The fight against breast cancer

World Breast Cancer Day, celebrated on October 19, is the international day driven by the World Health Organization (WHO) to commemorate the fight against breast cancer and promote early detection.

Breast cancer causes the breast cells to multiply uncontrollably, causing in many cases the patient’s death. Different types of breast cancer can be identified and categorized depending on which cells become cancerous inside the breast.

Among the most common types of this condition one can find infiltrative ductal carcinoma, which sprouts when cancer cells originate from the ducts and subsequently leave them to multiply in other breast tissues. On the other hand, infiltrative lobular carcinoma appears when these same cancer cells come from the lobules, that is, the glands that are responsible for producing milk and then spreads from the lobules to the nearest breast tissues.

How to prevent it?

The way to know how to prevent breast cancer is through knowledge of its most prevalent symptoms and doing a self-examination. A lump in the breast is one of the most well-known risk alerts, followed by a change in its size, shape or appearance. Changes in the skin on the breast, nipple inversion, skin peeling or redness or holes in the skin on the breast are other symptoms that should be checked at the time you perform a self-examination. It is important that, if a lump can be seen in the breast area, you should go to a doctor’s consultation as soon as possible.

Currently, breast cancer is the most frequently found in women internationally. It is the second leading cause of death in the world, with 8.8 million deaths recorded in 2015 alone. In the case of Mexico, according to the National Institute of Women, breast cancer represents the leading cause of death in women aged 25 and over. As you look at the later ages of 25 and older, you see a larger proportion of deaths. In 2016, 14.8 deaths were registered per 100 thousand women aged 40 to 49 years and for those 70 years or older, 54.8 were registered. Unfortunately, most deaths occur in low-income countries with low or middle-class income because they tend to have less information available to identify cancer early. It is for all these reasons provided that a special day is appointed to recognize the global fight against the disease and spread awareness.

October 19th, The pink day.

On this important date as it is on October 19, informative and prevention campaigns are carried out so that mainly but not exclusively women know how to distinguish the symptoms and points of concern in their bodies.

World Breast Cancer Day is known for having as a symbol a pink ribbon in a certain position, which has been used for all kinds of campaigns related to the fight against breast cancer and the awareness of the population towards this problem. 

One way that the National Institute of Women points out to be able to improve the quality of life and reduce the impact that derives from the disease is emotional support.

The same institute even published in 2016 a manual to provide this support to people going through this condition, where autonomous decision-making, raising patients’ self-esteem and knowledge of the body are taken into consideration as important points to consider.

The official Mexican norm or NOM 041-SSA2-2011 is responsible for endorsing the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, control, and epidemiological surveillance of breast cancer and is in the process of modification so that it can be included as the standard for the prevention, timely diagnosis, adequate treatment, quality of care, control and epidemiological surveillance of breast and cervical cancer.

Today, the battle continues both socially and legislatively to be able to grant protection to women who are diagnosed with this cancer, as individuals we must know the relevant symptoms to notice to anticipate and consult a doctor immediately.

Fairmont Mayakoba maintains the awareness and sensitization of the pink month by giving its heartists informative talks where they can learn more about the subject. Also, activities and dynamics are usually held during the month that maintain the same intentions of both taking care of oneself and preventing this disease.

It is very important that everyone is aware of the current situation and the urgency of taking care of themselves.


By : Michelle Hernandez

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