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Yes Day Inspired Vacation Experience

Yes Day Inspired Vacation Experience

Do you feel that you always say NO to your kids or your friends?

Yes Day Inspired Vacation at Fairmont Mayakoba is the experience that you have been waiting for. During your stay, there are ten experiences that you have to say YES to.

1.- Ride a bike

Biking with kids is a fun adventure and the best way to create unforgettable memories. Besides, it is a moment to connect with nature. Let your kids explore new areas until they get tired of it. For adventurous families, ride a bike in our water canals for an additional charge.

You can find the bikes around the resort or you can rent water bikes; please contact the concierge for more information.

2.- Sand Castle

Building sandcastles will give you plenty of bonding time together in a beautiful setting. Sand, water, and a few digging and carving tools will make your day an extraordinary experience.

3.- Make your own pixel cap

Pixel cap making is one of the latest fun activities that are great for kids.

“Me time”? Yes, it is kid’s time and they have to stay at our kid’s club for this activity.

There is an additional charge; please contact our Concierge or Kids Club to learn more.

4.- Snorkeling with your family

Teach your kids how to snorkel; it is a healthy activity full of surprises. Snorkeling strengthens your kid’s swimming abilities while they are having a fantastic time.

Please refer to our activity center located at the beach next to Muuk’ Gym for this activity.

5.- Boat shuttle experience

Take the opportunity to watch a crocodile or a turtle when going to the beach. It is a great experience that you can’t miss.
Boat shuttles are available every day at no charge.

6.- Piña colada or Coconut moments

If you are at a tropical place, you must have a piña colada or a coconut with your kids. Who will finish it up first? It is time to play a game and find out.

According to, Coconuts can be a fruit, a nut, and a seed. They have great benefits.

On the other hand, pineapples have impressive benefits. They are rich in Vitamin C.

7.- Arcade moments

Arcades have entertaining games for kids. At Mayakoba, we have an Arcade located at El Pueblito and it is great for teens. We suggest planning a race with your kids.

Parents vs. kids; who will win?

Whoever wins gets a candy at our candy shop.

Ask our concierge for the Arcade’s location.

8.- Jets Ski

There is nothing better than renting a jet ski when you are at a beach resort, and since it is your “Yes Day inspired vacation experience,” you need to live it.

Stop by our water sports activity center and inform them that you learned about this activity through a “Yes Day inspired Blog.”

They will give you an extra discount.

9.- Pool time, the choice is yours

There are several pools available around the resort. You are in charge now and your parents have to go with you. Add fun to the experience with a floatie contest.

Bring yours or you can find floaties for sale at Cafe Maya, located next to La Laguna Restaurant.

Beach pools, main pools, it is your choice, enjoy!

10.- Inflatable Activities

If you travel during Summer, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, stop by our Isla Lawn area to enjoy a fun time with your family. To learn more about inflatable placements at la Isla Lawn, please contact our Marketing department at

It is time for you to decide when you will be traveling with us for your “Yes Day Inspired Vacation Experience”. Please let your parents know that some activities have an additional charge.

Let us plan your Yes Day Inspired Vacation by emailing us at, and please consider an estimate of 140 USD for paid activities such as the pixel cap, jet ski, arcade, and water bikes.

For younger kids that like treasure hunts, we have a kids activity passport that you can fill at your own pace, and once you complete the activities, you will win great prizes.

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