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12 Healthy Habits for a New You

12 Healthy Habits for a New You

We are starting a new year, and what a great opportunity to become a new you! Psychologists believe that we can create a habit after twenty-one consecutive days, so we ask Jessica Longi, Director of Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Mayakoba, her input for 12 healthy habits we can integrate into our daily routine.

1.  Meditate every day for 5 minutes

First thing in the morning, before you start your activities, try to meditate for 5 minutes to clear your mind.

2. Drink a glass of warm water with half lemon

This will help cleanse your digestive system and absorb nutrients better.

3. Consider vitamins and minerals in your daily life

Taking care of yourself is not a trend anymore, but a necessity in 2021.  Taking vitamins and minerals as supplements will make your mind and bodywork better.

4. Eat more greens

When you eat, consider filling half your plate with greens, after 21 days, you will feel more light and see the difference in your body.

5. Pursue a passion

Your mind is as important as your body, in this new year remember what lights up your heart and follow it: maybe it´s painting, returning to exercise more, learn a new skill.

6. Take time away from technology

Including your phone and social media,  start by putting down your phone 5 minutes a day, and increase the time!

7. Keep order at home will help you keep your mind in order

Take out everything you haven´t used in the past 6 months and donate it or give it away to someone in need.

8. Sleep!

Take time to rest, the body has vital functions while we sleep, so don´t skip it! Turn off your Netflix and have a goodnight’s sleep.

9. Do a Facemask Sunday

Before you start the week, there are tons of options to hydrate your skin and of all prices, so choose your favorite and pamper yourself!

10. Set deadlines

For work, for personal goals, for starting new things.  This will give you a new vision of things and make you achieve them.

11. Be consistent with exercise

Work out everyday for 30 min and be consistent!

12. Be thankful

Thanking for what you already have creates more abundance in your life!

Healthy habits are important and also a time for you. Pamper yourself at Willow Stream Spa!

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