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SacBé Beach Shuttle – A new way of connecting

SacBé Beach Shuttle – A new way of connecting

For Mayans, SacBé was a raised paved road built by their Civilization used to connect Mayan temples and groups of structures within ceremonial centers and important cities. In our region, a well-known Sacbé is the 62- mile-long road that connects the ancient cities of Coba and Yaxuna, which was for decades the longest known to archaeologists.

The objective: Connecting

At Mayakoba, one of our top priorities is the guest experience. To enhance it, we had implemented special transportation at the beach that connects with our neighbor resorts such as Rosewood, Banyan Tree, and Andaz for our guests to enjoy the different culinary options at the Mayakoba complex.

“Your experience is our priority”

  • Service hours from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm
  • Shuttle available at Brisas Tatich Station on demand
  • No reservations needed
  • A golf cart has been dedicated exclusively for this transportation experience
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