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  • The hotel accepts Cats or Dogs less than 25 lb
  • Housekeeping has specialized cleaning processes for rooms with pets
  • Pets are allowed in walkways close to their guestroom and must wear a leash and collar at all times
  • Pets must be ensured to remain in the comfort of the guest room while their owners enjoy our restaurants and facilities. Official Mexican health regulations do not allow having pets in or around the resort’s restaurants for the health and welfare of all guests
  • Pet sitting is available for guests, and prior reservation is requested with at least 24 hours at the “Discovery Club.” The cost is USD 20 per hour
  • There is an additional fee charge of USD 25 per pet per day; which includes for exclusive pet amenities and the cleaning of the room
  • Mexico’s Federal Law does not allow pets in the pool and beach areas. Non-compliance with this law is subject to fines and penal sanctions


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