Diana’s Derval New Book About Fairmont Mayakoba!

We are honored and privileged to announce that Diana Derval will soon publish a book based on Fairmont Mayakoba!

Who is Diana Derval ?

Diana is President and Research Director of DervalResearch, a contributor to the Harvard Business Review, and a CES Asia Innovation judge. Diana Derval is an award-winning author who has written numerous books to help companies accelerate their development by focusing on products and experiences that are kind to the planet and people. She transforms fascinating neuroscientific findings into powerful predictive tools that have helped companies such as L’Oréal, Philips, Sephora.

The researcher’s approach is helping to modernize the strategy of fashion and luxury brands to renew their choices, their ideas, and their perceptions.

Her New Book:

Professor Derval’s new spring book shows how the planet and people-friendly products and experiences can be scientifically designed. We are honored to have been a source of inspiration and example for the writing of this book.

Through this book, entitled “The Right Sensory Mix, Decoding Customer’s Behavior and Preferences,” Professor Derval emphasizes recognizing and analyzing disparities among customers. It is important not to blame these differences on culture or emotions but to go beyond that and look at his customers’ preferences, behaviors, and decisions, which are, in fact, heavily influenced by hundreds of millions of sensors.

Fairmont Mayakoba is pleased to have contributed to this book. Indeed, we have been acting on how wildlife can successfully coexist through sustainable and fun activities for many years.

We have focused our efforts on social and economic development for many years. Our Fairmont Sustainability Partnership program is essential to us and represents our ever-growing commitment to being a responsible company and following sustainability principles throughout our operations. To ensure that we achieve our goals, we have established sustainability teams worldwide at each of our properties.

Feel free to get more information in the below link!

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