Did You Know There is a Special Day for Golf Lovers?

Time to celebrate.

Every year on October 4th National Golf Lovers Day is celebrated, a day where enthusiasts can get organized enjoy the company of other people who are also passionate about this sport.

It is a celebration promoted by the Professional Golfers Association, a group that was founded in 1929 and famously holds professional golf tournaments in the United States. Since 1952, this organization has been engaged in holding charity events every year on this day.

The history and context for which this celebration began to be considered is fundamentally unknown, however, it might have something in relation with the fact that the first Men’s Open Golf Championship in the United States was established on this same date in 1895.

Some of the activities that can be enjoyed in this festivity are the experience of a new golf course, taking a golf lesson or you can even plan a trip to an important tournament.

Players can improve their game through courses given by a professional coach, who can inform them about better ways to perform a swing and have much better control.

El Camaleón.

The golf course belonging to Mayakoba, El Camaleón, is positioned as the first PGA Tour golf course in all Latin America. Designed by Greg Norman, this course has as an advantage its unparalleled views and the distinctive, beautiful nature of the Riviera Maya. It has the capacity to accommodate golf fans of all types, from beginners to professionals and has 18 holes, 7,024 yards, free luggage storage, GPS equipped golf carts and food and beverage cart service on the course.

El Camaleón golf course is open 365 days a year, meaning that it remains available all year long for any practice to be done in our 350 yards designated for this purpose. It is a site that is committed to the environment, being certified by Audubon International as a Cooperative Sanctuary. In addition to all of this, on the 18th hole we can find the Koba Club House, where visitors can find a wide variety of foods and refreshments for their enjoyment.

In Mayakoba you can improve your golf skills at the Jim McLean Golf school, where personalized clinics are offered by certified Jim McLean instructors.

Annually, El Camaleón serves as the stage for the Worldwide Technology Championship at Mayakoba, which brings together more than 130 professionals from all around the world. This championship had its start in February of 2007, becoming the first ever PGA Tour event in Mexico in the current century.

Golf continues to be promotes at Mayakoba.
Thousands of guests stay here every year to play on the golf course.

What are you waiting for to learn this wonderful sport surrounded by nature?


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