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Creating a romantic space with your couple on Valentine’s Day

Creating a romantic space with your couple on Valentine’s Day

We can potency all our senses with certain scents; our sense of smell is disposed to be seduced by a wide range of aromas. Aromas are firmly attached to our sensations, can even remind our old memories, and give us happiness, relaxation, and energization.

Aromatherapy is a fascinating practice that can stimulate your emotions and those of your partner. Many essences could give you a relaxing moment. Applying aromatherapy with your couple could give you a total understanding. Here are some of our favorite aromas:


Romantic and strong scent, sweet, and heady is the seductive essence par excellence. Known as the “essence of love”, has a number of benefits, but most notably, it used to increase libido, also helps to elevate the spirit and improve circulation.


Excellent relaxant used to attract positive energies and provide harmony and balance helps. The scent of its unique and readily identifiable slightly sweet-yet woodsy-smelling helps promote mental clarity and remove fences and prejudices. Also known as a potent aphrodisiac for the intense and sensual smell.


A massage is a great way to get relaxed. To make the experience even more enjoyable, we recommend using marjoram essential oil, herbaceous, balsamic-scented, which have soothing properties. Marjoram Oil is quite balancing to the body and the mind, helping stress, anxiety, and grief.

Ylang Ylang

Prepared from the star-shaped flower of a tropical tree, it reduces tension and stress and stimulates a positive attitude. Promote emotional balance and well-being, encourage artistic expression, increase energy, and connect feelings between couples.

Rose Oil

A sweetly floral scent, intense and romantic. The favorite choice for use to inspire feelings of desire, earning it a reputation as an aphrodisiac that often boosts a feeling of being light, lively, and youthful. Also used to elevate your spirit, the floral fragrance produces feelings of love, care, and relaxation.


It is extracted from the bergamot orange, citrus aroma peel with a floral hint and woodsy backdrop.
The beautiful citrusy, sensual, and sweet-smelling top note can be worked into your favorite relaxation rituals, calms, and stimulate at the same time.


A deep, woody, sweet, and spicy scent, used to reveal the secreted depths of your desire. This essence works better used in blends, and just one drop of patchouli in any mix will add a hint of oriental mystery.

Some recommendations for the use of essential oils:

• Essential oils in their pure state cannot be put directly on the skin, as they are highly concentrated and can cause skin burns
• Before applying these types of oils, it is recommended to dilute them in base oil or water
• Do not ingest essential oils
• Be careful with the eyes. In case they have been exposed to the oil, wash with plenty of water, and avoid scrubbing yourself
• Remember: Good quality essential oils always come in opaque and hermetically closed glass bottles since this type of packaging protects it from light and preserves its properties

If you are visiting Fairmont Mayakoba, we recommend our Willow Stream Aromatherapy Massage, a Swedish style full body massage that uses gentle techniques inspired in the art of movement combined with ancient mythic aromatherapy oils, to restore harmony and relaxes the mind and body.
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